Friday, April 28, 2006

hat trick for marleau

tuesday and thursday have been busy, with sharks playoff game western division quarter finals against Nashiville Predators. waking up friday morning against 6am alarm was close to impossible, after the game ending at 10:20pm and a ride home to arrive at 11:30pm, to check emails, soup in kitchen and all, to go to sleep around 12:30am.

still, the good vibe and energy is good.

i guess that's what keeps Sharks play hard and tough, against the injuries and being tired.

listening to Jack Johnson's soothing music or Louis Armstrong's golden jazz, and trying a few easy yoga breathing and stretching, friday may just make out ok, now that Sharks are on the gun to get near that Stanley cups.

pretty inspiring.

was quiet busy at sharks tank, juggling the white towel to wave, foamy hand, and cheechoo whistle to blow, not to mention my small digicam to record the event. 4 items and only two hands, yet I didn't complain at all. Loud fans, cranky fans, crying babies, all are alright when we're on a winning streaks.

Marleau got himself 3rd playoff hat tricks in 3rd period, and of course I abandoned 4 items on my both hands to fetch a hat from pocket to throw at ice myself. I doubt mine made it all the way to the ice, but that's also alright.

The feeling that you're in a winning team, and you're contributing and also improving your own skill is a nice feeling. heh, I wish my life and work was like that, too.

Pretty inspiring.

Joe and other team mates were also very enthusiastic about Marleau's scoring cannon gun performances.

Maybe Nabby also is positive and is enthusiastic, instead of being bitter to be out of playoff workout?

Don't see some of old timers and my favourites, such as Fahey and Parker, but maybe they're happy to be in a winning team?

Since Joe showed up last November, Marleau's position as leading scoring player and captain's position has been a bit unstable. All media and fan attentions shifted greatly toward Joe & Cheechoo combo.

It's nice Marleau got to work through those dramatic situations, and it's nice to see how Sharks as a team, and Wilson as coach handle what could be an ugly situation into a solid team. Yay, Rissmiller for staying in NHL and scoring playoff goal (as vs. to being sent back to Cleveland), and horray for the lead singer of talking tree with bleeched peacock streaks (Mark Smith).

It is confusing about the tough and unstable position one retains in major league sports team, as one get rewarded and punished with number of games playing, minutes on ice, and to be on 1st line, 2nd line, or being pushed to 3rd or 4th, and worse yet, being sent to minor league or being traded, and this also is true in any other professions.

Sharks, and captain Marleau's handling what could be stressful situation and not acting out like a diva is impressive and something I think I can learn from.

Focus on what's important! For hockey players, being on ice and being in the game, I guess. For me? heh....

hat trick for Marleau! and, we're going to get Stanley cups... Back to chinatown to buy more cheap hats ^^


Sunday, April 23, 2006

yoga for yogi me


when was last time i got this many hours sleep?
went to sleep around 1am, and though woke up a few times for water and bathroom, i barely got up at 11:30am.
that's like more than 10hrs.

with some feet massage, and lots of sleep, it does feel pretty good, no headache, no pain in feet or elsewhere.


while watching hockey on laptop, i did some stretching, put legs together and press my upper body down to get stretching on leg and back. i actually felt the pain on my left foot ball, which i guess is a good thing.

my feet feel pretty light, and veins don't pop out so much.

i've been told to checkout yoga so often, and went to my sister's yoga session a few times. stiff as a corpse is the verdict.

maybe i'll have to checkout some yoga steps, for my feet, and stiff spine.

a mid-year new-year's resolution? maybe. should try to keep it going more than just 3 days, tho.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

innovate, innovate and invent

more and more vc(venture capitalists) and more ipo of startup news are looming.
and jobless rate hit low enough to give somewhat of a boost to sagging economy/stock market.

recently i joked about my 2 possible patent ideas, and enjoyed a good laugh.

first was setting a timer/clock on hair setter, which is already in use though not so visible to someone like me. 2nd is having ipod battery to be rechargeable/swappable(like many cell phone batteries are), which i was told would already be patented and well known to apple.


and, there are a few ajax classes posted on mailinglist, with a few good url references.

it's almost like being back in 1999 or 2000, for both valley and for me personally.

what is latest thing? what can be innovated? ... and so on...

of course, i know my own limit, but it sure is good to have some things to learn about, and new ideas to put to the test.

so what else is out there that seem new and upcoming other than ajax? i will have to keep my eyes peeled and ears open and watch out for the neew wave. wow, am i learning to surf? hoho...


Friday, April 14, 2006

tgif for dr.ganji

a 15min checkup and pickup of invisialign guard turned into more than 2hrs of work.

about 2-3 weeks ago i went in and did impression for invisialign guard stuff and was given a call/appointment to pick it up.

oh well, after bragging to coworkers and friends, it was a slight disappointment to hear that the last impression wasn't really good and that I need to get new one done.

seeing how Dr. Ganji was busy as is, that was fine, it's friday afternoon and there's not much to be worried about at the office(which turned out to be not so true upon arriving back to laptop full of emails and IM messages), I sat down and played along.

the first time, the tray wouldn't go in. my mouth wouldn't open as wide. so tried smaller one, and now it's hitting my jaw muscles too tight and wouldn't get a good impression. so after playing for a while, he finally poured in the colorful molds that would harden in my mouth to get teeth impression.

it took almost 2hrs and about 3 tries for top and about 5-6 tries for bottom trays. of course edge of my lips are sore, with all that tearing. heh. prepping the tray, sticking in my mouth for 5 minutes, cranking it out and take a look, some frown then try yet different size & shape of tray. then, repeat the process all over again.

it surely was exhausting process. i was starting to fall asleep in that 5min of mold curing, and I was suprirsed tht Dr. Ganji and his assistant wouldn't lose temper over it. heh. the very last of bottom tray was a pleasant surprise. we've both given up the hope by then and were more than wiling to go through the next round of setting up the tray and sticking it in to my mouth.
what a save...
i had to offer him 'congratulations' on his long awaited success.
we even had some discussion about shape and depth of my teeth arch and how jaw is laid and its muscles affect the setup.

tgif, tgif, i wouldn't be surprised if he goes home to get some cocktail to wash out that headachesome 2hrs.

in another 4 weeks, i'll get to see my invisialign guard. for sure, this time. ^^

tgif for me, too, i guess.


tsk,tsk, on Yahoo's Amazing Disappearing Mail Servers

slashdot's 4/13/06 article,, featured "Yahoo's Amazing Disappearing Mail Servers".

with upcoming 4/18/06 earning report, this makes me ponder which news is more pertinant to decide the future of yahoo.

the article title is catchy, and is also fairly to the point.

i've seen complaints on local groups mailinglist as well as have experienced myself some troubles with my y!mail. but, it's different when seeing on slashdot with wide audiences.

will y!mail kick back and make a come-back the way sharks did?

i've been keeping my y!mail since haydays of '97 when i was still living at home w/ mom&dad.

oh well, let's see what candygram would do for y!mail. (tho... personally i'm a chicken and would wait for a while 'til i switch over to candygram myself).


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

emacs still puzzles me much, especially for multiple buffer works

had some 200 html files to edit, for a simple cut&paste image url redirect.
some simple html editor like homesite had no problem handling it, when I had to use it at one of the previous work.

i know how to open up multiple buffers/windows in emacs, and i know how to do replace-string in a given buffer. the problem is i wanted to do it on all 200 files/buffers without having to go through all 200+ html files.

after a few meager attempts and fanatically looking up online references, I ended up relying on some 10-15lines of perl to slurp up file names from directory and do regex replace.

I've grown so used to using emacs, and yet sometimes it annoys me I can't seem to do a simple task like that.

too profound for me, yet, i guess.


rain continues to pour and sharks on 6th spot for final play off

i got so used to warm dry winter earlier the year that wearing sweather makes my arm itchy.
sky must have a big hole in it, cuz how else would one explain this pour after pour of rain?

can't believe it's April, well about half way into April, too.

but sj sharks' success in conquering final play off spot, 8th of western division, and continue march toward to do better is awesome. they have some 3-4 plays left until the season is over, and it seems like they'll be in final play off for sure. seeing how they were on the bottom of standing earlier the season, and was having roller coaster ride up and down the chart, i was a bit worried.
yay! sharks...
maybe cheering for sharks in the shark tank will make the rainstorm oblivious.
but i do home it stops before may and june comes.


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

rock&roll and price of fame

it's April 4th already, and it'a raining hard as if it's back in November.
pouring, pouring, until my paper-bag I brought lunch in is soaked through.

music keeps me entertained, tho.

I have to admit that one of recent album 'Monkey Business' is mildly amusing. And, of course if one goes to Sharks game as much as I have done past few years, one can't miss the players' mp3 player displayed during game intermission as an advertisement. Be it a heavy fighter Scott Thornton or responsible captain Marleau, the singing group 'Social Distortion' frequents the list. Huhu, monkey business toward social distortion...

ah! my 20gig ipod is getting fat and may soon run out of space, now that i'm adding some coldplay, miles davis and les miserable as well as some random 80s pop to my mp3 collections as well.

Bar-roid, that's what SJ Mercury's reporting one of fan sitting near 1st base made the sign of, to imply Barry's usage of Steroid: Barry + Steroid = Bar-roid.


too much time spent on it. too much money spent on it. too much energy wasted on it.

of course players shouldn't reply on performance boosting steroid, for honesty as well as for health reason. but, why are we so obsessed with scandals of famous people?

sports world do seem about as cruel and harsh as political or world of hollywood.
for the sake of game, coach Wilson makes some inhumane sacrifice at times when picking players, such as not letting Boston native Jim Fahey playing at a game against Bruins in Boston to let another rookie play. Or letting Pat Rissmiller play means putting Grant Stevenson out of play.

Oh well, let rock&roll play and just get another day rolling...


Saturday, April 01, 2006

mac mini conversion progress

so following Wiki,
1st: enter Mac OS X install disk as was instructed
then: reboot with C down. that was tricky. tried with Ctrl key down and it didn't do nothing.
so tried again with letter 'c' down and it takes me to mac boot up window

2nd:as instructed, after the language selection, i didn't see 'Utilities->Disk Utilities' and had to wonder a bit. it turns out that 'Utilities' is one of windows option on top left corner with pulldown where I could select 'Disk Utilities'.

3rd: clicking on split button, and format available includes 'unix' so i created 2 split partition and click on 'partition' button to get the partitions of disk formatted correctly. so far so good.


ok, partitioning is done.

now, i have to search for a new reference for loading linux boot loader, instead of winXP's xom.efi.
here's reference i found:


ok, the above page is for old mac mini, for ppc architecture...

so, more retries with boots, and it fails. for about 10 times straight. tried fedora core for i386 CDs, fedora core for i386 DVD, rescue CD, and more, and I'm getting no where.
I even retried putting in Mac OS X DVD which boots for install, so there's nothing wrong with pressing 'c'.

i dived back to reference look up, and here they're:

these are the guys who actually succeed installing linux on intel-based mac.

so, it's my turn to mimic them.

wish me luck!