Thursday, October 04, 2007

with a trace or without a trace?

Without a trace new season began. Like 'Law and Order: Criminal Intent', it's got a lot of brain work and foot work. I am somewhat okay with CSI:NY with new york being the location, but don't like other CSI for their being too much of fancy and flash labs and equipment usually not available for cops. Not even in real life, let alone in fantasy. I've not yet caught up with '24' although the author is from nearby in Washington state. While watching new 'My Name is Earl', and 'Without a Trace' and hoping for someone to post streaming video of new 'Law and Order:Criminal Intent' i was on and saw this sudoku on toilet paper and had a hearty laugh. So write it on sudoku paper while you know what and use that paper? What if you don't finish solving the sudoku in time?


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