Saturday, August 25, 2007

fur elise (lotus elise)

i finally bid adieu my devotion to mini cooper of last 3 years.

my new love?

went to tully's in ballard after a nice dinner at a korean restaurant named 'yet-gol' to help digest a big dinner, and there it was. nice and curvey, and tiny and shining, even at late 9pm darkness i could spot it right away parked right outside lombardi.

heh, i wasn't the only one. the girl in the passenger seat of the car was getting lots of questions from a few guys hanging around. not often a girl will have to let a car get the spotlight on friday night, but i must admit it's worth it and i bet she'd not mind the car stealing the attention.

came home and searched wiki and google, to see lots of racing photos and decided elise II is the one i like, and maybe now i have a reason to drop by on next auto show.

mi-re-mi-re-mi-ti-re-do-ra~~~ i play 'fur elise' for the cute new lotus elise II. ^^


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