Friday, April 28, 2006

hat trick for marleau

tuesday and thursday have been busy, with sharks playoff game western division quarter finals against Nashiville Predators. waking up friday morning against 6am alarm was close to impossible, after the game ending at 10:20pm and a ride home to arrive at 11:30pm, to check emails, soup in kitchen and all, to go to sleep around 12:30am.

still, the good vibe and energy is good.

i guess that's what keeps Sharks play hard and tough, against the injuries and being tired.

listening to Jack Johnson's soothing music or Louis Armstrong's golden jazz, and trying a few easy yoga breathing and stretching, friday may just make out ok, now that Sharks are on the gun to get near that Stanley cups.

pretty inspiring.

was quiet busy at sharks tank, juggling the white towel to wave, foamy hand, and cheechoo whistle to blow, not to mention my small digicam to record the event. 4 items and only two hands, yet I didn't complain at all. Loud fans, cranky fans, crying babies, all are alright when we're on a winning streaks.

Marleau got himself 3rd playoff hat tricks in 3rd period, and of course I abandoned 4 items on my both hands to fetch a hat from pocket to throw at ice myself. I doubt mine made it all the way to the ice, but that's also alright.

The feeling that you're in a winning team, and you're contributing and also improving your own skill is a nice feeling. heh, I wish my life and work was like that, too.

Pretty inspiring.

Joe and other team mates were also very enthusiastic about Marleau's scoring cannon gun performances.

Maybe Nabby also is positive and is enthusiastic, instead of being bitter to be out of playoff workout?

Don't see some of old timers and my favourites, such as Fahey and Parker, but maybe they're happy to be in a winning team?

Since Joe showed up last November, Marleau's position as leading scoring player and captain's position has been a bit unstable. All media and fan attentions shifted greatly toward Joe & Cheechoo combo.

It's nice Marleau got to work through those dramatic situations, and it's nice to see how Sharks as a team, and Wilson as coach handle what could be an ugly situation into a solid team. Yay, Rissmiller for staying in NHL and scoring playoff goal (as vs. to being sent back to Cleveland), and horray for the lead singer of talking tree with bleeched peacock streaks (Mark Smith).

It is confusing about the tough and unstable position one retains in major league sports team, as one get rewarded and punished with number of games playing, minutes on ice, and to be on 1st line, 2nd line, or being pushed to 3rd or 4th, and worse yet, being sent to minor league or being traded, and this also is true in any other professions.

Sharks, and captain Marleau's handling what could be stressful situation and not acting out like a diva is impressive and something I think I can learn from.

Focus on what's important! For hockey players, being on ice and being in the game, I guess. For me? heh....

hat trick for Marleau! and, we're going to get Stanley cups... Back to chinatown to buy more cheap hats ^^


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