Friday, April 14, 2006

tgif for dr.ganji

a 15min checkup and pickup of invisialign guard turned into more than 2hrs of work.

about 2-3 weeks ago i went in and did impression for invisialign guard stuff and was given a call/appointment to pick it up.

oh well, after bragging to coworkers and friends, it was a slight disappointment to hear that the last impression wasn't really good and that I need to get new one done.

seeing how Dr. Ganji was busy as is, that was fine, it's friday afternoon and there's not much to be worried about at the office(which turned out to be not so true upon arriving back to laptop full of emails and IM messages), I sat down and played along.

the first time, the tray wouldn't go in. my mouth wouldn't open as wide. so tried smaller one, and now it's hitting my jaw muscles too tight and wouldn't get a good impression. so after playing for a while, he finally poured in the colorful molds that would harden in my mouth to get teeth impression.

it took almost 2hrs and about 3 tries for top and about 5-6 tries for bottom trays. of course edge of my lips are sore, with all that tearing. heh. prepping the tray, sticking in my mouth for 5 minutes, cranking it out and take a look, some frown then try yet different size & shape of tray. then, repeat the process all over again.

it surely was exhausting process. i was starting to fall asleep in that 5min of mold curing, and I was suprirsed tht Dr. Ganji and his assistant wouldn't lose temper over it. heh. the very last of bottom tray was a pleasant surprise. we've both given up the hope by then and were more than wiling to go through the next round of setting up the tray and sticking it in to my mouth.
what a save...
i had to offer him 'congratulations' on his long awaited success.
we even had some discussion about shape and depth of my teeth arch and how jaw is laid and its muscles affect the setup.

tgif, tgif, i wouldn't be surprised if he goes home to get some cocktail to wash out that headachesome 2hrs.

in another 4 weeks, i'll get to see my invisialign guard. for sure, this time. ^^

tgif for me, too, i guess.


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