Saturday, April 01, 2006

mac mini conversion progress

so following Wiki,
1st: enter Mac OS X install disk as was instructed
then: reboot with C down. that was tricky. tried with Ctrl key down and it didn't do nothing.
so tried again with letter 'c' down and it takes me to mac boot up window

2nd:as instructed, after the language selection, i didn't see 'Utilities->Disk Utilities' and had to wonder a bit. it turns out that 'Utilities' is one of windows option on top left corner with pulldown where I could select 'Disk Utilities'.

3rd: clicking on split button, and format available includes 'unix' so i created 2 split partition and click on 'partition' button to get the partitions of disk formatted correctly. so far so good.


ok, partitioning is done.

now, i have to search for a new reference for loading linux boot loader, instead of winXP's xom.efi.
here's reference i found:


ok, the above page is for old mac mini, for ppc architecture...

so, more retries with boots, and it fails. for about 10 times straight. tried fedora core for i386 CDs, fedora core for i386 DVD, rescue CD, and more, and I'm getting no where.
I even retried putting in Mac OS X DVD which boots for install, so there's nothing wrong with pressing 'c'.

i dived back to reference look up, and here they're:

these are the guys who actually succeed installing linux on intel-based mac.

so, it's my turn to mimic them.

wish me luck!


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