Wednesday, June 21, 2006

lesson with partitioning intel-based mac for linux installation

in order to run bootcamp, do not partition the disk into mac os and linux.
i'm spending a good half an hour to unpartition. have 100gb disk, partitioned into 50/50.
if i run bootcamp, running on mac's****** partition, there's like nothing left on mac os partition and linux partition will stay a void.

waste of time? or lesson fee for trying to get linux on mac mini?

still a long way to go. i'm getting a little impatient now.


more attempt at linux on intel based mac mini

from reliable source(ehem), i got notified that updating iMacFWUpater(firmware updater) to 1.0.1 and installing bootcamp for winxp, then downloading fedora core 6 for x86 test run 1 on dvd burn would do the trick. well i've already partitioned mac's hard disk so i might start with firmware update then fedora core 6. if it doesn't work, then i'll install bootcamp and give another try at fedora core 6.


maybe it'll work.

would be pretty neat if it works as easy as that.


Monday, June 19, 2006

invisialign baby babble

So i finally picked up my invisialign on friday.
(don't ask me to pronounce slashdot, i pronounce it swashi duh. oh! my)

A month or so ago when I went into dentist's office to pick it up, I found out that impression had imperfection and that there was no invisialign. Instead I spent 3hrs sitting in dentist's chair, almost ripping my mouth while Dr. Ganji tried to get impression mold of my upper & lower teeth, about 10-15 tries each.

Went in for 10min invisialign pickup actually turned into 45min, struggle to learn to put the container on and off my teeth, and Dr. Ganji putting some holder on teeth to keep the guard stay on. He told me to use sonic care to brush the guard, and the goal was to wear it 20hrs a day 7 days a week, for 2 weeks and go to next set of guard. For next year and half. Hmm...

Unlike braces I had to wear, that had metalic base station put on my crown and wires running through them, this is a clear plastic thing in shape of my teeth outline, plus a bit of bend here & there to mold my teeth to reshape.

I've been wearing it since friday 9am, with about average of 18hrs a day. Sort of annoying, and does hurt my teeth a little, as my teeth are being pulled according to the guards' shape.

So far it's ok. But I talk like a baby or a grandmother. I got picked up for carpool this morning, and half the time the lady who picked me up says 'What did you say?', 'Excuse me?'....

And, I forgot the guards container case at home. Eating lunch, taking out the guards, cleaning up the guards, and talking in the meeting,...,
fun, fun, fun....

And, I will have it for next 18months+.
Lucky me... *sigh*


Thursday, June 15, 2006

cosmetic surgery for slashdot

I've known of slashdot's new design, yet I've been busy with this and that to check it out 'til now.

So the color, and 3 columns are the same, list of articles are the same, ...

some of round tabs look different, fonts and tightness of articles inside box look somewhat different, not to pin-down the size, font-face or anything as I'm too clumsy to have taken notice in the first place.

i can buy the redesign, safe within earlier design yet giving a slight different look. and, is it supposed to load faster, too?

no complaints from me, as it's not any slower nor any pink(like on april fool's).


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

flixster, and tear-jerker father's day

I just got invited to flixster, and unwittingly I clicked the link to site, and was stuck for almost half an hour. very very addictive. i've reviewed about some 200 movies with clicks on star, and i had to literally force myself to get off of that site.

Open! Open! I'm in that Mervyn's commercial where people are glued in front of store door shouting "Open! Open!"


on another note, my father's day gift arrived home safely it seems.

Appa can write an email. Should I be impressed or just be sad and miss him lots?

oh well....

guess that's our movie! oh! happy father's day.


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

worldcup, mmm... what are we talking about?

barista lady at beantree finally remembers i want latte in the morning, not mocha, and all of sudden stock market's pushing upward. hohoho...

finally learn to say 'no' to sweet sweet donuts(my favorite ones are the glazed/chocolate buttermilk ones, and there were plenty) at bean tree, and eating dry bagel, without cream cheese. :D maybe my one-size-too-small dress would appreciate this.

while toasting bagel, i couldn't help notice a large crowd by tv, airing worldcup france team is playing about half-way in.

today there's france team playing switzerland?, and brazil team playing, and of course underdog of 2002 south korean team playing. everybody's buzzed up on brazil and france team, as i can see many sitting around tv at every cafeteria corner with laptop.
no wonder many companies invested so much on putting their ads around the fields at the stadium.

who says american are disinterested in worldcup, now that USA team lost a game?
i couldn't tell from the crowds i see at every sports bars in town, and at every cafe with espn.

oh well, ...., go! mmm... somebody? most likely 'go brazil' for many soccer fans.

:D i've watched the game italy won, england won, and ... i might as well be worldcup literate now.

can't believe how olympic in greece was such a flop, when seeing worldcup stadium packed and every tv being tuned to the soccer game.

go! worldcup!!!