Wednesday, April 19, 2006

innovate, innovate and invent

more and more vc(venture capitalists) and more ipo of startup news are looming.
and jobless rate hit low enough to give somewhat of a boost to sagging economy/stock market.

recently i joked about my 2 possible patent ideas, and enjoyed a good laugh.

first was setting a timer/clock on hair setter, which is already in use though not so visible to someone like me. 2nd is having ipod battery to be rechargeable/swappable(like many cell phone batteries are), which i was told would already be patented and well known to apple.


and, there are a few ajax classes posted on mailinglist, with a few good url references.

it's almost like being back in 1999 or 2000, for both valley and for me personally.

what is latest thing? what can be innovated? ... and so on...

of course, i know my own limit, but it sure is good to have some things to learn about, and new ideas to put to the test.

so what else is out there that seem new and upcoming other than ajax? i will have to keep my eyes peeled and ears open and watch out for the neew wave. wow, am i learning to surf? hoho...


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