Tuesday, April 04, 2006

rock&roll and price of fame

it's April 4th already, and it'a raining hard as if it's back in November.
pouring, pouring, until my paper-bag I brought lunch in is soaked through.

music keeps me entertained, tho.

I have to admit that one of recent album 'Monkey Business' is mildly amusing. And, of course if one goes to Sharks game as much as I have done past few years, one can't miss the players' mp3 player displayed during game intermission as an advertisement. Be it a heavy fighter Scott Thornton or responsible captain Marleau, the singing group 'Social Distortion' frequents the list. Huhu, monkey business toward social distortion...

ah! my 20gig ipod is getting fat and may soon run out of space, now that i'm adding some coldplay, miles davis and les miserable as well as some random 80s pop to my mp3 collections as well.

Bar-roid, that's what SJ Mercury's reporting one of fan sitting near 1st base made the sign of, to imply Barry's usage of Steroid: Barry + Steroid = Bar-roid.


too much time spent on it. too much money spent on it. too much energy wasted on it.

of course players shouldn't reply on performance boosting steroid, for honesty as well as for health reason. but, why are we so obsessed with scandals of famous people?

sports world do seem about as cruel and harsh as political or world of hollywood.
for the sake of game, coach Wilson makes some inhumane sacrifice at times when picking players, such as not letting Boston native Jim Fahey playing at a game against Bruins in Boston to let another rookie play. Or letting Pat Rissmiller play means putting Grant Stevenson out of play.

Oh well, let rock&roll play and just get another day rolling...


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