Sunday, August 26, 2007

vnc server and vncviewer, side by side

after updating ubuntu on sony vaio x505 from edge to feisty, everything's hunky-dory. updating from edge to feisty, however, was ugly and messy. somehow the ide2 doesn't get recognized thus, update via CD-ROM was impossible, and had to do update over net, with a bit of cheatin'. anyhow, once feisty was on the machine and thus ruby was to latest available version of 1.8.4, i just followed and rubygems and rails installation was easy. so was rmagick installation. i think people often forget to do 'apt-get install ruby1.8-dev' before 'gem install rmagick'. compared to having spent good day or two to ge t rmagick working by downloading .tar on fedora core, then something not working and try to download again using yum, and now having two downloads to deal with, ..., etc., it was less than 10minutes 1-line experience that's pretty pleasant. should i have started with yum install of rmagick in the first place? well, that's what we call a learning curve i guess. now i know better to get 'ruby*-dev' when installing 'ruby*' and now i know 'yum install rmagick' or 'apt-get install rmagick' can be relatively painless and easy.

this inspired me to make vnc working between my laptop and mac mini converted desktop with fedora core 6. i had the server setup but was keep getting connection issue from laptop when using 'vncview host:port'. duh me! i had to be told maybe vnc port is not open on the server? alas, when i fixed that, i'm on my mac mini's fedora core from my ubuntu laptop, right next to the server or a few blocks down the cafe.

it's fun making a good progress on things, and pretty inspiring.


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