Friday, April 14, 2006

tsk,tsk, on Yahoo's Amazing Disappearing Mail Servers

slashdot's 4/13/06 article,, featured "Yahoo's Amazing Disappearing Mail Servers".

with upcoming 4/18/06 earning report, this makes me ponder which news is more pertinant to decide the future of yahoo.

the article title is catchy, and is also fairly to the point.

i've seen complaints on local groups mailinglist as well as have experienced myself some troubles with my y!mail. but, it's different when seeing on slashdot with wide audiences.

will y!mail kick back and make a come-back the way sharks did?

i've been keeping my y!mail since haydays of '97 when i was still living at home w/ mom&dad.

oh well, let's see what candygram would do for y!mail. (tho... personally i'm a chicken and would wait for a while 'til i switch over to candygram myself).


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