Sunday, April 23, 2006

yoga for yogi me


when was last time i got this many hours sleep?
went to sleep around 1am, and though woke up a few times for water and bathroom, i barely got up at 11:30am.
that's like more than 10hrs.

with some feet massage, and lots of sleep, it does feel pretty good, no headache, no pain in feet or elsewhere.


while watching hockey on laptop, i did some stretching, put legs together and press my upper body down to get stretching on leg and back. i actually felt the pain on my left foot ball, which i guess is a good thing.

my feet feel pretty light, and veins don't pop out so much.

i've been told to checkout yoga so often, and went to my sister's yoga session a few times. stiff as a corpse is the verdict.

maybe i'll have to checkout some yoga steps, for my feet, and stiff spine.

a mid-year new-year's resolution? maybe. should try to keep it going more than just 3 days, tho.


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