Sunday, May 29, 2005

ART & Memorial Weekends in downtown SF

After lunch, and doing some more cooking & dishes, headed to downton on MUNI 38.
Having MUNI monthly pass, it seem one of inexpensive way to spend quality time in the city. With the memorial day weekend stretching to monday holiday, I was sure there's be some special sales going on and shoppers hunting these holiday bargains.

Getting off on O'Farrel and Stockton, CompUSA was having 9am-9pm 12 hrs sale. Nothing was all that special, but new gazettes don't need to be any more special than what they are, PC, Mac, hardware, LCD and Plasma TVs, not to mention new phones and cameras, ..., the place was pretty busy and happening. Resisted temptation by new miniMac, a huge 24" LCD monitor, AutoCAD softwares, and T-Mobile blackberry, I escaped the store w/ not single item purchased.

Walking along Market toward 3rd St came Sketchers. Signaling summer is here, there were many slippers and open toe shoes in addition to spiffy looking walking shoes. Sporty and light designs were cool and many colorful shoes caught my eyes. Again, I was lucky to walk out w/o the buying binge striking me.

Next in sight was Virgin Records. There were so many sales, and so many new items. New Seinfeld seaon 4 was signaling 'hi' to me, and new "Dawson's Creek season 4 and season 5" reminded me I still don't have season 4 in my collection yet. On 1st floor corner where Virgin's record souvenior are at I saw this cool bag as well. Not to mention "Oklahoma" with Hugh Jackman grinning in soundtrack section. New CDs and new DVDs everywhere, I picked up and put down the items many times browsing through isles on first and second floor. Phew! Having had minus balance in my checking account recently and still waiting for my this month's paycheck, I succeed once again walking out the store w/o using my credit card.

Then came the Apple store across the street from Virgin record. Since I already faced all the iMac related temptations from CompUSA already, I thought it'd be a breeze. I still was fascinated with miniMac, and few other items there, but I'd be out in 5-10minutes. There were so many speakers and iPod accessories, which wasn't all that impressive. There were a few that looked like Darth Vadar's helmet, pathetically. Oh well, I guess I could've stayed more, and I guess I could've picked up a new Tiger OS, but it was fun windowshopping there. Since the SF store opening, I find the store architectural designing most impressive. The glass stairs and glass bridge between two sections on second floor. It's like one of those new museum, or new loft condo in SF/NYC. I walked over the bridge a few times childishly before coming down.

While walking toward Macy's I noticed there are art show/sale in Union Square. Slightly windy but sunny at 4pm, it was a nice day for outdoor art show/sale. Saw a few photographs boothes as well as paintings in big frames as well as those smaller ones not in frame. Black and white photos of SF were pretty impressive. Bridges, some of district photos, I even saw the statue in Union Square in complete black & white where I could only tell the silluette of the statue in black against vague light through a heavy fog also depicted with darkness/blackness. Some of the paintings made me think perhaps I should try to design my cross-stitches w/ well known art drawings like Picasso's. It was very relaxing and enjoyable event to enjoy.

Macy's with it's sale and price tag scanner finally got better of me and I finally bought a set of pots & pans, with freebie gifts.

Hope tomorrow continues a nice weather, and that merchants get some good sales through the holiday. :)

It was not too crowded, but was crowded just enough in downtown to enjoy people watching bargains.

While scanning emails back at home I learned I also missed Opera in Yerba Buena park. Oh well, I guess there are too many fun events going on in the city for me to run around to checkout without getting myself cloned.

The city's bustling and fun this weekend, so far.......


Friday, May 20, 2005

more xml and more urls

XML (Extensible Mark-up Language) in a Nutshell
- a set of rules for describing the structure of a document as opposed to its presentation
- W3C tech. recommendation, along w/ HTML 4.0
- provides the rules for companies or industries to create their own markup languages with a specific set of tags that describe the structure of the data they are working with

- not an HTML replacement

- will make content on the web easier to index and easier to search.


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Solaris 10

got solaris 10 installed on sun blade 100 using CDs.

it was a lot painless than has been in the past.

With gnome desktop, so far I can't tell it's advantage nor disadvantage of being solaris, as vs other flavours of linux.

Will have to check it out further, for fun.