Saturday, September 24, 2005

Crowds -- 1hr to Love Parade to begin

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Market street traffic still is open for cars, and I could spot people who couldn't be mistaken for going elsewhere but Love Parade now and then as I neared downtown. 2nd street is closed, and the big trucks with DJ equipments, amplifier, and huge speakers. An awesome street party yet to begin.


Friday, September 23, 2005

ByeBye Protege

City Slicker I am, I finally sold Protege, my 5 yr old car.
I've been thinking about it for about 3 months, talked about it for about a month and finally pulled the plug. Wasn't the most pleasant, but once I located right outlet for the disposal it was fairly fast. I called the buyer guy this afternoon, and hoped on to the car and drove out to Walnut Creek. After about 30minutes of his inspection and talking, I had the check in my pocket and he the pink slip. All I have to do is to mail the portion of pink slip to DMV for updated record. Total of about 4 hrs.

I did call the Mazda dealer yesterday, made an appointment for this morning, and was spinned around from one dept. to another w/ yet another phone number to call and make an appointment. It was clear they wanted to sell, but not buy back the car unless it's a trade-in. The guy who specializes in pre-owned vehicle, or so I am told, hasn't yet called thus I'm sure I can't sell my car to the Mazda dealer in the city whether I still had my car or not.

Still got to call the insurance to cancel, and return the garage key and cancel my monthly-parking. But, I'm officially a carless person in the city, depending totally on public transit and friends driving me around.

With recent gas price surge, high insurance and garage fee for a car I drive about once a month, and wanting to get a new fashionable car had me thinking about it. The dealer I sold the car to also joked about registration renewal, which I did remember as I was driving out to Walnut Creek. He said many people do think about selling, and many of his clients do make up their mind to sell when it's time to renew registration.

So financially, it makes all the sense in the world to have sold the car. Ecologically, too.

I do miss my green mazda, nonetheless. I do feel somewhat helpless not having mobile power, too. It was a nice car that put up w/ my less than perfect driving, some bad weather here and there, and I shall miss that little car w/ sparkling tints.

Bye bye Protege. Be happy and on the road with your new owner~~~


Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sharks are back, finally

Got "2005-06 Sharks Season Ticket Packages Are On-Sale Now" in my inbox yesterday.
Yay, finally hockey season's in this year.

How did I survive last winter, I don't know. But here they're, back to play in American soil, in Shark tank to be precise.

I'm sure some of them will be gone, I've heard Mike Ricci is not signed again. Some of mature players are too expensive. [ok, i got corrected that Mike Ricci left prior to the labor dispute. oh well, people do read my blog afterall, i guess]

But I'm excited to hear puck slashing through ice, and to take out my jersey from closet for this winter.