Saturday, April 30, 2005

cubist's dream

cubist's dream
Originally uploaded by speattle.
I named this shot a cubist's dream.

Not really an expert on cubism, but that's inspiration I got. Chicago certainly has many tall buildings and certainly have many interesting buildings. After walking around all day, from hotel right outside Grant Park all the way out to Sear's Tower, then outside the city near University of Illinois area in search of Greek Town and Little Italy, coming back empty handed, and walking around the famous Chicago Designers' Center, I was beat but I'm glad my crazy tour brought me to this spot where I got this intriguing shot of buildings. The depth of ocean blue building thanks to that cut-out section, and grey building in front of it, and another red building, they all seem picture-perfect.


Friday, April 22, 2005

old notes - XML stuff

XML : extensible markup language. defines a meta syntax.
-> easy to check well-formedness
-> easy to check validity of data

=> describes structure & semantics (not formatting)
* design of domain-specific markup language
* self-describing data
* interchange of data among applications (non-properietary & easy to read, easy to write)
ex) OFX, Open Financial Exchange Format. (designed to let personal finance program, MS Money or Quicken, to track data)
* structured and integrated data

DTD : Document Type Definition

CML : Chemical markup language



GedML : genealogy markup language


XML Parsers

* Tools : CSS, XSL (Extensible Style Language)
-> based on DSSSL, Document Style Semantics & Specification Language

XLinks & Xpointers
-> XLinks: enable any element to become a link, not just an A element
-> XPointers: enable links to point not just to a particular document at a particular location,
but to a particular part of a particular document (can point to range of spans)

* XML provides support for both Unicode & Double-byte code.

To Parse XML using CSS

ex) greeting.xml

Hello XML!


Hello XML!


Hello XML!

-----> parse greeting.xml

\ /
new xml:

Hello XML!


DCD: Document Content Description

Because XML's facilities for declaring how the content of an XML element should be formatted are weak to non-existent
--> DCD is one of proposed schemes. (XML used for XML example)


Friday, April 15, 2005

old Magazine articles to toss out - LDAP & JNDI

Amazing how I hang onto these stuffs.
And, take up the room while collecting dusts.

Here's another one of article, from Java Pro Dec. 2000 issue

Directory Assistance : A basic understanding of LDAP directory operations and how they work with JNDI will help you organize your data
by John Butterfield

The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is currenty one of the rages in storing user information on either an intranet or on the Internet. With the continued spread of LDAP-compatible directories, it is important that Java programmers have at least a basic understanding of LDAP. I hope to provide this in this article. I will start with a brief introduction to LDAP directories, and then we will walk through an example of how to program a basic employee directory in Java with an LDAP directory as a data store. The complete code listings are available online at

LDAP was developed at the University of Michigan and is based on the Directory Access Protocol(DAP). LDAP was developed as an easy way to access information stored in a X.500-based directory. (For more information on X.500 see Wengyik Yeong, Steve Kille, Colin Robbins, and Tim Howes did a lot of the original work on the LDAP specification, although many other working group participants made significant contributions.


words derived from Greek - PHIL

philanthropist : lover of humanity

philanthropy : love of humanity

philately : collection and study of stamps

philharmonic : pertaining to a musica organization

philhellenism : support of Greece/the Greeks

philogyny : love of women

philology : study/love of language & literature

philosopher : lover/searcher for wisdom or knowledge

Anglophile : supporter of England/the English

bibliophile : lover of books

Francophile : supporter of France/the French


Thursday, April 14, 2005

words derived from greek - PHOBIA

PHOBIA: "fear," "dislike," "aversion"

acrophobia : fear of being at a great height

agoraphobia: fear of open spaces

Anglophobia : dislike of England/the English

claustrophobia : fear of enclosed or narrow spaces

Germanophobia : dislike of Germany/the Germans

hydrophoia : rabies (fear of water)

monophobia : fear of being alone

phobia : fear, dislike, aversion

photophobia : morbid aversion to light

xenophobia : aversion to foreigners

Russophobe : one who dislikes Russia/the Russians


Old Magazine articles to toss out - Java Pattern

Java Pro Dec. 2000's "End the Patter nof Neglect".

I bet this is totally out of window by now.

Want to keep notes on section called "Familiar Patterns"
* Adapter pattern : Provides a class within an interface between classes that have an inconvenient different interface.
* Template pattern : use this whenever write a parent class and leave some methods to be filled in the child classes.
* Factory pattern : used quite bit for web development stuff. when have a class that decides which of several subclasess to return to the user, based on some input data.
* Command pattern : use this pattern if have an interface or class with one or two simple methods that carry out user command.
* Mediator pattern : also used this quite a bit when doing development w/ apache/tomcat. when developing a central class that dispatches method calls to other classes depending on what to do.
* Proxy pattern : a pattern for a simple class that stands in for a more complicated one, like Java RMI.
* Facade pattern : use this to write a simple wrapper class to surround complex array of classes.
* Observer pattern : use this with data repository having visual representations that change whenever the data changes.
* Builder pattern : when use code that constructs a final set of classes from a set of components.
* Iterator pattern : use with Enumeration or Iterator class


green architecture - solar panel house

Didn't know solar panels are as expensive as $50,000.00 or more to install.
But then again, you can sell the generated power to local power plant.
And, no more expensive monthly bills, yet climbing higher w/ oil price rising.
And, there seem to be som tax breaks.

Should investigate further on this!


Monday, April 11, 2005



odd tech notes

bits : smallest physical unit
BPS : bits per second.
byte : 8 bits. a set of bits that represents character

LAN : Local Area Network
- architectures : peer-peer v. centralized.
- software : novell, windows, unix
- hardware : server plus micro boards
- media : wire or wireless

Five Levels of Hardware
- Networks
- Computer Systems
- Devices
- Boards
- Chips

- Mainframes (supercomputers)
- Minicomputers
- Microcomputers (workstations, servers, desktops, portables, appliances, embedded, ...)


Sunday, April 10, 2005

closet organizing and home depot

What a work it is.
Home Depot does make things seem so easy and simple.

Measuring, thinking, measuring again, and shopping.
Dave made screwing the closet shelf strap bar onto the wall look so easy that I ambitiously launched into putting shelves in all closets' upper storage area.
Counting how many of supporting beams to get, and how many shelving wood pieces to get, I thought I was well prepared.

last night I succeed getting the big closet in bedroom done, with Dave's help.
First holding the bar against the wall, standing on the step-ladder, drawing the hole-spots on the wall with a pencil. Using the hand-held electric screw driver, drill holes and add the white plastic stuff that is supposed to support the metal frames against a hollow wall. Principle-wise everything seem so easy.

But the holes and the plastic thing seem to be crooked and 3 holes to drive the screws in seem un-aligned. Took more than 2-3 hours, arms all stiff and hands blistered.

Back to another shelf in office room this afternoon, but got defeated unfinished. There's yet another small closet shelf to add. What a long way to go. Should be glad to go to the office to rest, hehe.

HomeDepot was pretty well organized, with the supplies. I surely am underqualified, but I could easily imagine a well built and trained man buying supplies and fixing/building a whole house.
How envious I am of these capable individuals.



IDO: identity object

On IDO App. level
1. accept login IP
2. create IDO object
3. register profile
4. update profile
5. community backend facility


java servlet note

Servlet: a server-side applet.
-> loaded & executed by a web server, like CGI
-> persistent, loaded only once by the web server & can maintain services between requests. (whereas CGI is transient)
-> is fast, because servlets only need to be loaded once.
-> is platform indepent, extensible and secure.

JSDK: java servlet development kit from javasoft