Tuesday, August 30, 2005

arrival of 19" LCD that lead to rh 8.0 upgrade to debian

with all the frenzy on tuesday, 19" LCD from IBM finally arrived.
when returning from work today, i finally was able to take out my old generic PC that had RH 8 almost 2 years ago, hunted for a mouse and keyboard covered with dusts, and got started on getting it to work.

The black colored, and power/monitor setting buttons in a wave shape on right bottom corner of the monitor, it just looked a bit bigger than expected. Setting up the systems in livinigroom, the bootup was success, though ethernet didn't seem to work. Took a few minutes to remember the setting was for RCN service I had at the last residence, and had to remove it. Then for some reason DHCP just was't picking up and I found out there was no DHCP setup for LAN anyways, and had to request DHCP (or else hand me over a static IP, lol). Finally all network's up and machine seem to work fine, and the second disk I added can be mounted as well, so I'm all set. RH 8.0 of course is a bit old, so it's time I upgrade it to the linux distro I fancy a lot lately, debian. Insert the mini-setup CD, restart the machine, and boom, it's fast and seem much like DOS-style text-based installation in blue-background. I got stuck on partition and had to reboot a few times, as clearing the master disk was easy, way too easy, but for some reason getting it actually partitioned I couldn't trigger. All i had to do was select-click on the partition table to begin partitioning, but since there were those options for automatic/manual partition (which is to free up the partition it seems), I was keep selectiong the partition space then click from the option list. Thus, going no where and keep getting 'root partition not found' error, as I've already deleted my master boot serveral times over. When rebooting, as a result of frustration, I also ran into a few other issues. First, I was taken to the grub> text-mode screen, and I started panicking a bit. I didn't choose grub for a boot loader and I wanted to get back my RH 8.0 screens when I thought I cancelled the installation by removing the CD and rebooting. I finally gave in and inserted the CD back and rebooted, this time I was getting network error, like my DHCP wasn't working. Without me doing anything, this network complain soon cleared out, and the installation began smoothly around 11pm.

Took about 2hrs to get started, it seems. How stupid I feel.

But I'm glad, and can't wait to play with it a bit tomorrow after work, and get it setup for Tahoe as DSL at Tahoe will be enabled this weekend.


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

한국어, 영어, 한문

내가 미국 올 당시만 해도 한국어가 기본, 그리고 한문이 어렵다고 우는 소릴 하는 꼬마들이 종종 있어도 한문 또 한 기본이었다. 영어는 작문과 단어 암기 그리고 문법은 달달 외우지만 영어 학원 몇년 다닌 이들 또한 회화는 버벅이였다. 쉬운 말 옃 단어는 하겠는데 상대의 빠른 본토 발음과 처음 듣는 숙어들 때문에 당황하기 일쑤이기 때문이다. 그러다 보면 자신감도 잃고.

요즘 '내 사랑 김 삼순' 의 데니엘 헤니 같은 혼혈아 연애인 이나 역-이민 한 연애인들이 많다보니 가끔 한국어보다 영어를 쉽게 구사하는 이들을 텔레비젼에서 종종 본다. 를 우연히 보게 되었는데 초중고 학생들의 유학 이민을 돕는 정보 사이트였다. 이민이라 할 수 없이 미국에 와서 살게된 나 같은 사람은 잘 이해 가지 않지만 한국에서 조기유학을 준비하는 사람들이 많긴 많구나 하는 것을 느낄 수 있었다.

나도 '내 사랑 김 삼순' 을 재밋게 봤고, 그 프로그램을 통해 본 데니엘 이란 연애인 이 궁금해서 조회중 읽은 기사가 요즘 영어 회화를 잘 들 하는 것 같고 능통한 영어 회화를 선호 하긴 하지만, 가끔 취업 인터뷰 온 사람들 보면 영어 공부 보다 한국어 공부를 더 해야 하는 거 아니냐는 글을 읽고 웃지 않을 수 없었다. 헤헤 ...
한국 사람이 한국어를 능통히 구사 하는 건 기본 아닌가.

회사 동료들과 점심 먹을 때 들은 얘기로는 말레이시아 사람들은 본토 언어 말레이, 중국어 그리고 영어를 모두 배운다니 꽤나 골치 아프겠구나 생각 했었는데.

한국 에 자주 가지 않아 실정은 모르지만 조금 걱정은 되네, 한문과 한글이 사라지고 영어만 하는 나라가 되진 않겠지?
한국 여행가도 난 영어에 의존하지 않아도 되어서 인 지 요즘 한국에서 너무 외국어 공부를 선호한 나머지 한국어 공부가 소홀하다는 얘기가 어째 반갑지 만은 않다.


Sunday, August 14, 2005

huh? linux 14th anniversary picnic

BJ's email had an URL for
It appears that Linux is been in this world for 14 years, and that the celebration was today.
oh, well. it's already 8pm, so I guess I missed it.

Happy birthday linux, hiding behind the little penguin dude. ;)


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

배이비 복스 다음 앨범은 ?

Killer 와 Go 가 내 최근 배이비복스의 favourite album이다.

오늘 아침에도 출근길에 Go를 여러번 들으며 노래방 가고프단 생각을 했다.

심은진이 그룹을 탈퇴 해 솔로 로 다시 시작한 지 얼마 되지 않아서 이젠 은혜도 독립하겠단다.

다섯명 그룹중 둘 씩이나 탈퇴 하면 이젠 배이비복스의 미래는 어떻게 되려는 지.

각자 나름대로의 특색도 있고 꿈도 있으니 해체할 수도 있긴 하겠다.
은진이 탈퇴 할 땐 그 자리를 매꾸게 중국의 신인 탈랜트를 물색하겠다고 했지만, 둘 씩 맴버를 교체 하면 아무래도 전과 같을 순 없겠지?

은혜가 X-Men 프로에도 종종 출연하고 CF로 바쁜 줄 알지만 조금 서운한 건 사실이다.

헤헤 ...


Friday, August 05, 2005

sudoku, a new obsession

Last night, after a dozen cups of coffee/espresso drink, and group dinner, it was difficult to fall asleep when I returned to the hotel at 10:30pm thursday night, so I started browsing through newspaper and saw sudoku puzzle section. I saw sudoku books, a small pamphlet-like pocketbook , at the local bookstore so I was somewhat familiar w/ it, and dismissed it to be yet another puzzle.

Since I couldn't sleep and didn't dare to have TV on to wake up other people at the hotel, I picked up the pencil by bed-stand, and got started on it. The rules were simple,
1st: there are 9x9 slot table where numbers 1-9 must be unique in each row, each column
2nd: also 9x9 is divided into 9 3x3 tables and the numbers 1-9 must be unique in each of these tables.

There are a few numbers pre-filled, and I have to try inserting different numbers within the above 2 rules. As the description below rules say it's simple and logical approach, and I wrote down unclaimed numbers in margin, compare to the rest of rows/columns it occupies. First 2 rows&columns I've completed seem fairly straight-forward. After completing 3 rows and 2 columns, I found out that top middle 3x3 box-set can only take '5' and '8', and found out that I'd end up w/ 2 '5's in that column, the 6th column in 9x9 table. I either had to start all over or give up. I gave up.

It was pretty intriguing and while eating breakfast I found myself scanning for sudoku on morning newspaper.

Not sure what Sudoku means, but it's fairly addictive.
Hope I pay more attention to the conference presentations than to sudoku during day time today.


Thursday, August 04, 2005

ukuug tutorials - ip tools, network tutorials and vim

Originally uploaded by speattle.
thursday, aug 4 began w/ tutorial sessions.

1 of 2 tracks focusing on ip tools and network tutorials began around 9:30am with Steve Whitehouse who also worked 'til 1am w/ organizing details/setup. All the 'ip addr add', 'ip route show', 'ip link set' details were shown w/ slides, each slide followed by hands-on shell-demo and each attendees also setting up own ip addr, looking up neighbours, ..., etc. Soon we were running out of time and had to cutdown on much of individual hands-on demo/tryout sessions. I've never used nor heard of Knoppix before and all of us at tutorials used Knoppix to use University's lab machines w/ Win XP on which Knoppix ran from media. That was pretty refreshing idea.
Jamal continued w/ network tutorials in the afternoon.

And in another building,vim tutorial session began after lunch. I've heard it was good session. By the time I gave up troubleshooting my laptop's atheros network driver not picking up dhcp during lunch, I first was told a wrong building as vim tutorial location and I got to the right location about some 30minutes into the session. Saw everyone w/ laptop opened, and in the middle of trying some editing commands, in which I stood for about a minute or two in a daze, then walked out. Oh well, I guess I'll practice my vim on my own pace.

So far, the day 1 is going rather smooth.