Wednesday, April 12, 2006

rain continues to pour and sharks on 6th spot for final play off

i got so used to warm dry winter earlier the year that wearing sweather makes my arm itchy.
sky must have a big hole in it, cuz how else would one explain this pour after pour of rain?

can't believe it's April, well about half way into April, too.

but sj sharks' success in conquering final play off spot, 8th of western division, and continue march toward to do better is awesome. they have some 3-4 plays left until the season is over, and it seems like they'll be in final play off for sure. seeing how they were on the bottom of standing earlier the season, and was having roller coaster ride up and down the chart, i was a bit worried.
yay! sharks...
maybe cheering for sharks in the shark tank will make the rainstorm oblivious.
but i do home it stops before may and june comes.


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