Wednesday, December 26, 2007

legacies remembered, through musical and through 'kennedy center honors'

Brian Wilson, Diana Ross, Steve Martin, Leon Fleisher and Martin Scorsese are honored during "Kennedy Center Honors" on CBS.

This reminded me of recent visit to "Jersey Boys", a musical based on 50-70's pop group 'Four Season'.

Less dramatic, maybe a little, than Jersey Boys, it was nice to see someone like Yo-yo-ma on the stage versing Leon Fleisher's life story, and funny to see someone re-acting Steve Martin's comedy. It seems like a lot of toughts were put in to organizing this, and many volunteered(?) to perform. A young aspiring pianist playing in tribute to Leon was also pretty mesmerizing and made me ashamed of my lazyness in practice.

Something that made me think, of these two occassions: value of talent! I usually don't believe in talent but more so on hard work. But would these great artists be great artists with perserverance alone? Maybe the passion, and that 1% that makes differences against other artists would be their god-given talent? If so, what would be my talent? Heh, ouch...

Maybe the vocab. 'talent' is some special quality not common in general public, like me, thus my justification for lacking talent. I'm a mediocre at drawing/painting, at music, at computers, at math, at finances, ...

maybe my talent is just being mediocre good at things? lol.

anyways, it's pretty amazing how some people can listen to a tune and can identify, play along and even improve what he/she heard.

I really enjoyed "Jersey Boys", and now I can appreciate 'Four Season's music with insight. And, now the "Kennedy Center Honours" helps me realize I shouldn't give up on a boring things like new year's resolution. If someone like Diana Ross was determined, and loved singing at age 15, and carried through all the black-and-white-TV era through 70s and 80s, ...

Don't need to be honored at Kennedy Center myself, but "wouldn't it be nice if ..." i had no regret with my life when I look back at what I have accomplished?



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