Friday, September 17, 2004

snowy concert - Bi, Tim, BabyVox, and Park Jinyoung

8pm at Haas Pavilion, UC Berkeley
got 2 tickets,
went there at 10 past 6pm
long line, long wait
started letting us in like 2-3min to 8pm
the actual show start at 8:30ish

BabyVox didn't come
the whole thing ended before 10pm

was fun and cheesy and cool.

would have been more fun w/ BabyVox, w/ a few more songs.

1st time seeing them live,
1st time inside Haas Pavilion


lots of korean, literally lots.
a few non-koreans here and there, like about 4-5 out of whole 200+.

was ok.
1st korean concerts in years,
since last time Cho Song-mo and Ku Bon-sung came to concert.

had good time, overall!


Monday, September 13, 2004

javah, jdbc & jndi

going over some notes/printouts to trash/organize.

read through perl array/hash notes from from way way back in 1998,
DBI doc for oracle(& java?) from way way back in 1998
while rigint babybullet caltrain down to mt. view.
salvage them for now and use www for future references, i guess!?

also ran into some of java stuffs from cisco days.
idltojava, and jdbc notes from that was long before i did work for sun.
used more java/java references from sun when working elsewhere.

gotta try idltojava and corba stuffs again.

wonder where my jndi notes are now.


Thursday, September 02, 2004

apache day (perl & mysql)

prefer to work w/ apache 2.x
but apache 1.3 is cool.
added 'ScriptAlias' and 'ln -s' to add cgi-bin to the devel server at work.
playing w/ perl's CGI package and will add some mysql db.

should try c cgi and using php instead.

also, should tryout postgresql again.

so much to checkout, so much to play with. :)


crepe places and seattle

Thai restaurants just spring up in Seattle all of sudden!
That's what I've been told.


Finding more of hidden creperies in SF.

French speaking waiter/waitress at Top Of Tunnel Crepery was nice, and well hidden.

Small restaurants in SF are hidden and hidden well, whereas walking the street of Seattle is reading a yet new Thai restaurant sign.

A good article subject.


should checkout perl Test module and perl BerkeleyDB module

Saw Test module while lookingup the module(s) necessary for Net::SMTP.

Jim R. mentioned BerkeleyDB module and saw it on cpan.

should checkout sometime