Tuesday, February 27, 2007

can userdir and virstualhost coexists? on apache2.2?

i've not configured apache all that much, even in 1.3.

and yesterday was probably first time i looked up httpd.conf since apache2.2 debutted.

i spent whole day trying to make a lousy 'UserDir public_html' bits working. First I had to check userdir module is loaded or not, and then added UserDir directive and ... bits.
I've also googled a lot to read up on troubleshooting, and followed all the suggestions on directory permission, groups, user permission, ...
After trying to make it work for about 5-6hours straight was quiet frustrating.

this morning, per coworker's suggestion, i tried to get virtualhost configured. making port to listen, and add ... took less than 30minutes to work.

Someone mentioned that maybe UserDir doesn't work because Virtualhost is active. I've not seen that on Apache's wiki/documentation.

Anyone got UserDir on Apache2.2 working? with Virtualhost also configured?

Ma'an, how do you make that work?