Wednesday, June 21, 2006

more attempt at linux on intel based mac mini

from reliable source(ehem), i got notified that updating iMacFWUpater(firmware updater) to 1.0.1 and installing bootcamp for winxp, then downloading fedora core 6 for x86 test run 1 on dvd burn would do the trick. well i've already partitioned mac's hard disk so i might start with firmware update then fedora core 6. if it doesn't work, then i'll install bootcamp and give another try at fedora core 6.


maybe it'll work.

would be pretty neat if it works as easy as that.


At 10:36 AM, Blogger Marc said...

Hi, I've seen on your flikr page that you have succesfully installed Linux on your Mac Mini. I intalled rEFI and then Ubuntu and it worked great. But i wanted to try other distros and now it no longer boots on the OS. With Fedora, I let it create the typical partitions and reboot and then it says: No operating System found. Any idea?


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