Tuesday, June 13, 2006

worldcup, mmm... what are we talking about?

barista lady at beantree finally remembers i want latte in the morning, not mocha, and all of sudden stock market's pushing upward. hohoho...

finally learn to say 'no' to sweet sweet donuts(my favorite ones are the glazed/chocolate buttermilk ones, and there were plenty) at bean tree, and eating dry bagel, without cream cheese. :D maybe my one-size-too-small dress would appreciate this.

while toasting bagel, i couldn't help notice a large crowd by tv, airing worldcup france team is playing about half-way in.

today there's france team playing switzerland?, and brazil team playing, and of course underdog of 2002 south korean team playing. everybody's buzzed up on brazil and france team, as i can see many sitting around tv at every cafeteria corner with laptop.
no wonder many companies invested so much on putting their ads around the fields at the stadium.

who says american are disinterested in worldcup, now that USA team lost a game?
i couldn't tell from the crowds i see at every sports bars in town, and at every cafe with espn.

oh well, ...., go! mmm... somebody? most likely 'go brazil' for many soccer fans.

:D i've watched the game italy won, england won, and ... i might as well be worldcup literate now.

can't believe how olympic in greece was such a flop, when seeing worldcup stadium packed and every tv being tuned to the soccer game.

go! worldcup!!!


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