Friday, April 22, 2005

old notes - XML stuff

XML : extensible markup language. defines a meta syntax.
-> easy to check well-formedness
-> easy to check validity of data

=> describes structure & semantics (not formatting)
* design of domain-specific markup language
* self-describing data
* interchange of data among applications (non-properietary & easy to read, easy to write)
ex) OFX, Open Financial Exchange Format. (designed to let personal finance program, MS Money or Quicken, to track data)
* structured and integrated data

DTD : Document Type Definition

CML : Chemical markup language



GedML : genealogy markup language


XML Parsers

* Tools : CSS, XSL (Extensible Style Language)
-> based on DSSSL, Document Style Semantics & Specification Language

XLinks & Xpointers
-> XLinks: enable any element to become a link, not just an A element
-> XPointers: enable links to point not just to a particular document at a particular location,
but to a particular part of a particular document (can point to range of spans)

* XML provides support for both Unicode & Double-byte code.

To Parse XML using CSS

ex) greeting.xml

Hello XML!


Hello XML!


Hello XML!

-----> parse greeting.xml

\ /
new xml:

Hello XML!


DCD: Document Content Description

Because XML's facilities for declaring how the content of an XML element should be formatted are weak to non-existent
--> DCD is one of proposed schemes. (XML used for XML example)


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