Thursday, April 14, 2005

Old Magazine articles to toss out - Java Pattern

Java Pro Dec. 2000's "End the Patter nof Neglect".

I bet this is totally out of window by now.

Want to keep notes on section called "Familiar Patterns"
* Adapter pattern : Provides a class within an interface between classes that have an inconvenient different interface.
* Template pattern : use this whenever write a parent class and leave some methods to be filled in the child classes.
* Factory pattern : used quite bit for web development stuff. when have a class that decides which of several subclasess to return to the user, based on some input data.
* Command pattern : use this pattern if have an interface or class with one or two simple methods that carry out user command.
* Mediator pattern : also used this quite a bit when doing development w/ apache/tomcat. when developing a central class that dispatches method calls to other classes depending on what to do.
* Proxy pattern : a pattern for a simple class that stands in for a more complicated one, like Java RMI.
* Facade pattern : use this to write a simple wrapper class to surround complex array of classes.
* Observer pattern : use this with data repository having visual representations that change whenever the data changes.
* Builder pattern : when use code that constructs a final set of classes from a set of components.
* Iterator pattern : use with Enumeration or Iterator class


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