Sunday, April 10, 2005

closet organizing and home depot

What a work it is.
Home Depot does make things seem so easy and simple.

Measuring, thinking, measuring again, and shopping.
Dave made screwing the closet shelf strap bar onto the wall look so easy that I ambitiously launched into putting shelves in all closets' upper storage area.
Counting how many of supporting beams to get, and how many shelving wood pieces to get, I thought I was well prepared.

last night I succeed getting the big closet in bedroom done, with Dave's help.
First holding the bar against the wall, standing on the step-ladder, drawing the hole-spots on the wall with a pencil. Using the hand-held electric screw driver, drill holes and add the white plastic stuff that is supposed to support the metal frames against a hollow wall. Principle-wise everything seem so easy.

But the holes and the plastic thing seem to be crooked and 3 holes to drive the screws in seem un-aligned. Took more than 2-3 hours, arms all stiff and hands blistered.

Back to another shelf in office room this afternoon, but got defeated unfinished. There's yet another small closet shelf to add. What a long way to go. Should be glad to go to the office to rest, hehe.

HomeDepot was pretty well organized, with the supplies. I surely am underqualified, but I could easily imagine a well built and trained man buying supplies and fixing/building a whole house.
How envious I am of these capable individuals.


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