Tuesday, August 30, 2005

arrival of 19" LCD that lead to rh 8.0 upgrade to debian

with all the frenzy on tuesday, 19" LCD from IBM finally arrived.
when returning from work today, i finally was able to take out my old generic PC that had RH 8 almost 2 years ago, hunted for a mouse and keyboard covered with dusts, and got started on getting it to work.

The black colored, and power/monitor setting buttons in a wave shape on right bottom corner of the monitor, it just looked a bit bigger than expected. Setting up the systems in livinigroom, the bootup was success, though ethernet didn't seem to work. Took a few minutes to remember the setting was for RCN service I had at the last residence, and had to remove it. Then for some reason DHCP just was't picking up and I found out there was no DHCP setup for LAN anyways, and had to request DHCP (or else hand me over a static IP, lol). Finally all network's up and machine seem to work fine, and the second disk I added can be mounted as well, so I'm all set. RH 8.0 of course is a bit old, so it's time I upgrade it to the linux distro I fancy a lot lately, debian. Insert the mini-setup CD, restart the machine, and boom, it's fast and seem much like DOS-style text-based installation in blue-background. I got stuck on partition and had to reboot a few times, as clearing the master disk was easy, way too easy, but for some reason getting it actually partitioned I couldn't trigger. All i had to do was select-click on the partition table to begin partitioning, but since there were those options for automatic/manual partition (which is to free up the partition it seems), I was keep selectiong the partition space then click from the option list. Thus, going no where and keep getting 'root partition not found' error, as I've already deleted my master boot serveral times over. When rebooting, as a result of frustration, I also ran into a few other issues. First, I was taken to the grub> text-mode screen, and I started panicking a bit. I didn't choose grub for a boot loader and I wanted to get back my RH 8.0 screens when I thought I cancelled the installation by removing the CD and rebooting. I finally gave in and inserted the CD back and rebooted, this time I was getting network error, like my DHCP wasn't working. Without me doing anything, this network complain soon cleared out, and the installation began smoothly around 11pm.

Took about 2hrs to get started, it seems. How stupid I feel.

But I'm glad, and can't wait to play with it a bit tomorrow after work, and get it setup for Tahoe as DSL at Tahoe will be enabled this weekend.


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