Thursday, August 04, 2005

ukuug tutorials - ip tools, network tutorials and vim

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thursday, aug 4 began w/ tutorial sessions.

1 of 2 tracks focusing on ip tools and network tutorials began around 9:30am with Steve Whitehouse who also worked 'til 1am w/ organizing details/setup. All the 'ip addr add', 'ip route show', 'ip link set' details were shown w/ slides, each slide followed by hands-on shell-demo and each attendees also setting up own ip addr, looking up neighbours, ..., etc. Soon we were running out of time and had to cutdown on much of individual hands-on demo/tryout sessions. I've never used nor heard of Knoppix before and all of us at tutorials used Knoppix to use University's lab machines w/ Win XP on which Knoppix ran from media. That was pretty refreshing idea.
Jamal continued w/ network tutorials in the afternoon.

And in another building,vim tutorial session began after lunch. I've heard it was good session. By the time I gave up troubleshooting my laptop's atheros network driver not picking up dhcp during lunch, I first was told a wrong building as vim tutorial location and I got to the right location about some 30minutes into the session. Saw everyone w/ laptop opened, and in the middle of trying some editing commands, in which I stood for about a minute or two in a daze, then walked out. Oh well, I guess I'll practice my vim on my own pace.

So far, the day 1 is going rather smooth.


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