Tuesday, May 23, 2006

learning Bernanke

It's been a while Fed.Chair's seat's been handed down from Greenspan to Bernanke.

With a lot of personal items at hand, fixing kitchen, getting over cold, cheering for Sharks, and work, ..., etc., I've sort of watched Bernanke's movements from a far.

Afterall, he's been raising interest rates as expected so far, and not much else is new, in my radar.

Stock's been dipping low since late last week, and continued to yesterday, monday, and I walked around moping: if tech. and commodities are down because of soaring oil price, then why are energy sector, such as Chevron, down?
Stocks bounced rather handsomely today. Personally, the explanation for all these ups and downs are way beyond my speculations and knowledge.

I've asked in vain more about Bernanke, thinking may be number one search engine and portal in Korea, but what would it know about this less well-known chairman, who's not even a Korean.
Well, does know, and Bernanke's got an impressive working history. Oh, my... Shame on me.

I've got directed to all his publications, and teaching careers, and other stuffs.
Well, I'm even ordering two of his books from Amazon as we speak.

Would it teach me to know if Fed'll raise interest or not? Would it teach me which stocks perform better or not?
I doubt it.

But it'd certainly get me a few more vocab. and concepts, with examples of how economist analyze past and current economic situations. Maybe it'll also help me to make more informed judgement on this Greenspan-replacement that verdict is still out on.

yawn, I certainly need another coffee. Eh, 9:30am? it still feels like 6am to me...


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