Saturday, December 09, 2006

well equipped with treo 700 and highlander hybrid

picked up treo 700 p at downtown yesterday, and signed my life over for 2007 highlander hybrid tonight.

shopping, indeed, is a lot of work. panting*

i've not had palm in like almost 5 years, and certainly wasn't a color one. 650 seem to be the current model, and 700 is the latest that verizon and sprint have been advertising on newspaper. 700 w is for windows OS and 700 p is for palm os. can take a photo with camera phone, so creating addressbook is a lot more interesting. i declined to get the internet for $15 a month extra. The helpful salesman told me I can probably download google map and/or MS map for free using bluetooth, and NFL; hmmm... do i look a big football fan? anyways, yet to play with it and discover more features. so far i'm still not all that used to with keyboard layout and the button-like keys on keypad.

after not having driven for almost 2 years, getting a car took some emotional toll. test driving itself got my neck and shoulder stiff enough as is, especially since i've never driven suv before.

i've been trying to be environmental friendly, to get hybrid over ever-so-tempting cutie mini (cooper), and yet i didn't know i could actually drive an suv. the toyota dealer that came to yahoo dealer this summer had shown me the 4wd with gps color map and how smooth the drive is that i've been reading up specs and competative analysis against ford escape, mercury mariner, and lexus against highlander for some time.

the dealer at the lake city dealership assured me of many color & feature choices on the phone, and i just was gonna do the test drive and shop around. well, these car dealers have reputation for being a good seller, and well, i'm a pretty good sucker. some other interesting features of the car included seat heater and the seat adjuster, to forward & back, and up & down, and the angle of seats. i'm sure i'll find out more. when I narrowed down to 4wd and gps as requirement, the color options decreased rapidly. i got to test drive a nice metallic ocean blue color that i liked against white, black and silver color options i got. but none had both 4wd and gps. the floor manager guy did place a few phone calls and got the black color model. the only silver they had, on display, was already sold and i was told that the owner actually waited 3 months and is getting it delivered this weekend.

when i was asking for 2006 model, hoping for better price and better availability the salesman almost bursted into laughter. he showed me on his computer screen that there are 2 model left and one is in rural california and the other in idaho. hmm... and when he told me the price, and no discount and 5.9 apr, i was like 'noooo way!' well, there are lots highlander but not many highlander hybrid, and reasonable selection of highlander 2 wd but not that many 4wd, selection of gas-powered highlander but not that many hybrid, and practically none with gps package on the car. so my color option ran out fast. the black one actually required the transfer from other lot, and either i take it or could wait 3mo myself for the right configuration and right color which i couldn't afford.

with a bit of negotiation, with a bit of waiting, and a bit of paperwork let us out with down payment check written and signing my life away. will pickup the car tomorrow afternoon, and will get the gps training; learn to follow the gps direction and drive ever so huge suv.

saw grey's anatomy and seinfeld season dvd sale on newspaper ads, but i think i sunk enough money down past few days as is.

oh well, watch out people! i'll be on the road soon.


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