Thursday, November 23, 2006

baby turkey legs

one of my favorite food at renaissance fair is big turkey drumstick that could easily feed a family of four.

it's heavy and i just carry it aroud all day long nibbling it.

when the smallest turkey at the grocery store was 10lbs, which means it'll last until next june in freezer with turkey soup, turkey jerkeys, turkey in curry, turkey pie, ..., etc., we opted out of having a big turkey on thanksgivings table.

after shopping around much, the best option was 2 turkey legs wrapped in meat section.

2 turkey legs, 1 box of stove oven box, a bit of celery, some raisons, a can of yams, a can of cranberry sauce. phew.... i dunno how people did from scratch, and i dunno how mums cook for family of 10s and 20s of relatives and friends.

in an hour of time that turkey leg in oven will be cooked.

any cooking tips? heh.

since i didn't know turkeys are supposed to be cooked in any special ways, i just preheat the ove to 350-degree, add some leaves for flavour, butter, some orange juice since that's only fruit juices i got, also for flavour, some liquor from cabinet, some water, and dunked in the legs after buttering'em up. i added chopped celery and some raisons into stuffings foil box before pouring in hot water and also put into oven to be cooked for 30min.

^^ happy happy thanksgivings.

to everybody,
and to the body of the two turkey legs our stomache are adopting!

p.s. burning yams pot was not intentional. just too much tasks for mindful housekeeper, to feed so many ... lol.


At 4:14 PM, Blogger ザイツェヴ said...

I injected butter into turkey with a syringe this time, in a hope that it'll be less dry.


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