Saturday, September 30, 2006

new laptop envy and bloglines addiction

at Netconf '06 Herbert was showing off his tiny laptop, it's even slimmer, tinyier than my Sony Vaio X505, only like 1.5kg?(I think my 1.8lb is like 3.2kg...).
To fuel my envy more Jamal and Harald went out and bought a few of tiny laptop themselves, smaller keyboards and screen size, but certainly half my Vaio in weight at Akihabara.

I wasn't able to take my Vaio, stuck with bricktop Dell that weight more than 5lb, i think it's one of those 7lb cheap-o.

oh well, I'll leave. either my shoulder will be muscular or will hurt more.

lately i gave in to bloglines and gave a try. With my addictive nature(well, i'm no gamer, but a korean nonetheless...) I subscribed to about 2 dozen, and if I forget or am too busy to check for two days, each grows up to like 200. sigh... A new boss for me. gotta check and flush the bloglines RSS feed every two hours. almost like feeding a newborn infant.



At 2:00 PM, Blogger ザイツェヴ said...

Fujitsu and Sharp offer some decent sub-scale laptops, very thin. I saw those at Linux conferences like OLS.

BTW, Sony discontinued the 505 line. I have their progeny, the z505 - the one without the built-in CD. After z, r, v, and x, they decieded to try something new.


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