Wednesday, September 13, 2006

a week in korea, and netconf progress in tokyo

my usual busy weeks have taken 'express' line past 2 weeks, as I've been having a sort of working vacation. to attend netconf '07 this week, and take advantage of being in east asian sphere, i took 2 weeks vacation. some extra work i picked up, however, have no vacation and i actually got more work assigned due to their pre-scheduled events.

2 weeks ago friday, i left light-heartedly from sfo, flying like 12hrs to Incheon Airport. crossing the time zone line, we arrived on saturday afternoon, slept in seoul to head out to a big hiking somewhere south west of country. returning on tuesday evening, we were back in busy metropolitan for the rest of the week. calling friends out, shopping, eating, Seoul was non-stop from 7am we wake up until 11pm we return to our serviced apartment. and, trying to check email, reply IM, and check in some work in betwee outing and before going to sleep and first thing waking up.

on sunday morning we headed back to Incheon to fly over to Tokyo, to Simon's Shinjuku apartment. He and Chizu were nice to let us stay at their apartment for a week, and after cooling off the sweats from walking in hot weather with suitcases we headed out to Chizu's old hangout to eat a nice thai curry in area called shimokitazawa, a college town. monday was Ghibli studio visit and harajuku field trip day; anime museum and street full of people dressing like anime character. Thanks to Chizu we discovered 'cheese ramen' in ebisu, and I was tempted to buy myself a nice anime dress in harajuku too. Kiddyland and Snoopy near Shibuya and Harajuku were just awesome too. We also went to more of local hangout, a 'secret restaurant' in Shibuya. Tuesday was reserved for Tsujiki at 6 in the morning and sumo watching all afternoon.

with work demand, and with sightseeing demand i am almost about to get sick. heh.

that didn't stop me from sneaking out from conference today to lunch with Chizu and Nancy near Chizu's work.

wed, 9/13, was first day of conference, at UDX in Akihabara. since we felt time constrant past 2 years for having only 2 days, we reserved 3 days this year. wednesday's speakers didn't take more than allocated 1hr, but this heped everyone to relax a little and interject with comments and questions. there are total 18 of us, me being only the ignorant one, it was interesting to see a speaker addressing what he's been focusing on and receiving floods of suggestions, comments and questions from folks specializing in slight different field. Saw David and Rusty running to whiteboard and turn on the light to draw diagram to assert their point. It was also funny when Miyazawa-san, one of sponsor speaker, gave his presentation of implementing a RFC and say he didn't understand the RFC fully himself as certain of words in RFC weren't available for his english-japanese dictionary. hohoho~~~

thurs, 9/14, is running a little slower, with more open discussion. So far, face-to-face discussions are pretty useful.

i start re-work on my presentation. bite my lip! hmm.... 아자,아자, 파이팅!(aja-aja-fighting!!!) to myself.


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