Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Idiot A-da-da

I've been digging some old boxes and re-reading post-war existentialism short-story pieces lately.

Ha, too busy to read literatures, I guess.

Some of these short stories are like wine, sipping and savorying the tangy and sweet-bitterness of life.

Idiot A-da-da(Baek-chi A-da-da) is a story I would like to remind myself some times. Equivalent asian cultural literature in English would be madame Pearl S. Buck's 'The Mother.'

A-da-da is an idiot girl, who is a mute and is clumsy born to a middle class family with pride, and her parents and family were somewhat ashamed and annoyed with her effort that usually ends up disasteriously. Her name's A-da-da because that's what she utters, and when she wants to help w/ kitchen work she sets fire under rice pot or breaks rather nice dishes and her mother usually chases her away half in tear and usually with big broom to beat her as she chases A-da-da away. When she was of age, her parents gave a lot of money to nearby poor man with a mother to support in order to marry her off. At first, the poor mother and son welcomed A-da-da, for bringing such wealth to the family, but soon also got irritated with her. They got rich, with fine clothes and no longer hungry, and she was of no help at field work nor at household work, and was always getting in the way and they were ashamed to have her shown to the neighbors.
A-da-da was soon sent back to home from husband and mother-in-law, and instantly became sore sight to her mother, who's now got an idiot daughter who also got abandoned by in-law. A-da-da's mother was annoyed to have her around, and was ashamed that she had an idiot daughter home sent back from in-law.
It was very harsh life for A-da-da once she's sent back home from her husband who regularly beat her and yell at her, and one day a neighborhood man talked sweet to her and she fell in love. They promised to run away together and got on a boat when he showed her money wrapped in his cotton towel, enough for them to rent a small house and small field. His logic was that he's too poor to get himself a wife with dowry in traditional sense, but if she ran off with him he'd have a wife and they could work together to have own home and fields to work together and raise family; she's idiot, but is strong and would not run away from him nor demand much from him.

Alas, A-da-da being an idiot her entire life flashed before her, and she remembered how her husband and mother-in-law was nice to her with large sum of money sent to them at first that turned into regular beating and yelling at the end. It occured to her that the reason she got turned away from husband and get abused at her mother's house is due to this evil thing money. Her instinct tells her that this man would also turn against her because of money, and she unwrapped cotton to toss money notes into water that dissolves.
The man jumps into water to save, but the notes melt faster than he can do anything. When he jumps back onto the boat, his red eyes look mad and he picks a rock, anything in his sight, and stabs A-da-da's head, until she bleeds to death. Slowly as her hurting head spills warm blood and she dies with her eyes open she assures herself it's money that is turning this sweet man into a mad man killing her.

How stupid she is....
And yet how sharp she is...

How many of us are acting like A-da-da, I wonder? A little bit like her at some time, I suppose.

Nothing we do is right sometimes, and our judgements are flowed.

It's just being human?

I tell myself I'm nothing like her, but why would I re-assure myself in the first place?

Money, greed, mis-judgement of situations, and human relationships.

I'm watching 'Good Bye Solo' and the drama deals with this topics in a bit more details, with about 7-8 different characters each with own share of worries and life burdens. Luckily nobody dies with someone pounding on their heads with rock. All of them are wisen up and it's happy ending.

Stories that makes me think, think in once in a long long while....

Can't be that bad!

Now, I'm off to hunt Hemingway's story, a story that begins with smell of death being compared to trash dump site. heh.


At 6:04 PM, Blogger ザイツェヴ said...

A-da-da somehow reminded me of a remarkable anime series "Mahoraba", where the basic premise is that the female lead is crazy (she has a schizofrenia and split personality), and the male lead learns to live with her. It's not a tragic story though.


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