Friday, October 20, 2006

wow, what does hybrid hard disk mean?

came across: " Samsung's Hybrid Hard Drive Exposed",

well, actually it was posted on slashdot.

a hybrid hard disk? a hybrid car means mixing gasoline and electricity in running a car, and reducing emission and gas burning for cheaper fuel and better air control.

what does a hybrid hard disk do? other than to sound cool?

will there be more hybrid coming out? hybrid monitor? hybrind desktop? hybrid laptop? hybrid ... human?

at the rate new and better size HD come into the market, i'm a bit scared to purchase a HD. what if I buy a gig today and find out that in 2 weeks that's old and cheap and there's 5gig ones for the same price I bought 1 gig HD?

the photo of hybrid HD looks slick, and flash memory usage sounds cool.

i'm ignorant of hybrid expansion in computer hardware market. will have to read more and research more, to be somewhat better informed.

just was a pretty shocking thing for me to note today.


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