Saturday, September 02, 2006

landing Incheon

after almost 12hrs flight, plus 3 meals(2lunches and 2 snacks that felt like 3 meals) and less than an hour worth of shut eyes later, I am in Seoul.

friday's flight at 1:30pm meant flee the house 10am, run to BART to get to airport, get through TSA search, and be inside international flight boarding area by 11:30am killing time.

line at Sushi house was long, and I made a joke "we're in Tokyo already" as I pulled my chair in to let people get through;the table was so tiny my leg was almost at the other end of the table when I did so.

some sushi, latte and useless magazines later the flight was boarded and left SFO on time.

it was actually good to catch some boring movies I was too uninspired to go see but had mental note to rent sometimes; MI3, over the hedge, Da Vinci Code, ... these movies were played 4 times over during the flight and I wish I had gut enough to ask attendants those private movie selections on airline magazine that look interesting but was sure to be off limit for economy class people like me. ah! first and business class people would be able to pull the chair to actually lay down, not hurting neck left and right. at $550/person upgrade to business class? no way with my own money. I could do millions of things with that. oh! poor me.

first lunch was a standard meal, and after already eating early lunch at 11:30am, it was not all that appetizing. half way through, not quiet at intl time zone change we got a snack box with a tiny cup noodle bowl, water, and a cookie in it. I thought that was 2nd lunch mentioned on boarding pass, and this time I gladly consumed when an attendant poured hot water for us. Then like less than 2hrs to the destination I learned there's that 2nd lunch coming. Hmm... honestly, where do I put all this food?

I did try to enjoy myself with random movies and some korean language TV on in-flight entertainment, magazines and newspapers and knitting a scarf. Thankfully I survived my usual landing-earache quiet nicely. I just took an advil right after 2nd lunch, dozed off a bit, and chewed gums madly the last 15 minutes of landing.

Well trained from last october's trip, we hustled through custom zippy-dippy quick, changed all our cash at luck of finding good exchange rate(during the best back in late 90s $1 could earn as much as 1600-won, those days are gone; bad for us and good for Korean economy. we got $1 to 992-won, which seem better than what a bank in America would give), getting a rental phone for only 3000-won a day, hopped on 602 bus headed to downtown Seoul. all within 30minutes.

traffic was bad once we got into Seoul, but it wasn't quiet as bad. Poor David constantly complained how sick he felt; eat less airplane food and sleep more! We got off little after 7:30pm, walked for 10min to check in. Got some toothpaste, shampoo, water, and a roll of korean style sushi-roll called 'Kim-bap'(literally seaweed rice) to share back at hotel.

time to do some work; at hotel's high rate of 10,000-won a day internet service! :(

i dozed off a little, and after 3 hours, am up again. trying to get through email, do the updates.

enough time to doze off again in KTX later the day!

2:45am in Seoul, iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's sunday.


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