Tuesday, July 18, 2006

spare the air, spare the air conditioner

SF Bay area kicks w/ 4th spare day of the year on 7/17 monday.
Which is cool. I can ride caltrain instead of my free alternative on highway 101 that takes forever.

Wouldn't be surprised, as I personally eyewitnessed temperature shooting high, up to 111 and 115 around vacaville and placerville valley on the way home from Tahoe on sunday.

Still, at this rate I might catch a cold, so hot outside and so cold inside the air conditioned building.

if silicon valley companies are spamming "we will shutdown light from 4pm-7pm... blah" to save electricity in the hot day of "spare the air" day, couldn't they also lower the air conditioner just a tinsy bit?

wearing sleeveless inside and winter coat outside should only occur if I walk intoa nice warm home from snow blizard cold of alaska, not the other way around.

another day of shivering inside the office only to sweat to death on way out to lunch and commute home. how perfect! (not!)


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