Thursday, January 18, 2007

sneezing w/ sunburn?

hope it's not lca tradition.
as of tuesday morning i have slight sore throat, and as of wednesday afternoon i have sniffling and light headedness.

last year in dunedin, new zealand, there was some bad stomache flu sort of virus that someone picked up from christchurch and i heard it was nasty; many toilet drivers...

not sure if vigorous tour schedule on sunday, i got like 4 band-aids on my poor toes after 10hr walking, or if it's that fabulous speaker dinner on captain cook cruise that lasted late well past 11pm on monday, but sad truth is i got a cold. *cough* *cough*...

mmm... funny part of this is that walking around saturday and sunday, with rigorous application of sun block lotion every 15minutes, gave me much sun burn, on face, on scalp, on shoulder and on legs and the sun burn started peeling already.

laugh or cry? the cold is mild, and sun burn doesn't hurt (just itches). so i guess i can laugh it off? a cold in the hot summer of january in sydney! sun burn in january when it actually snows back at home!



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