Sunday, August 27, 2006

thinker buddha, in jade(one of my two fav. exhibit at sf asian art museum)

thinker buddha, in jade
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this is one of two my fav. exhibit from today's visit to asian art museum.

the light was well done, and it is rare occassion where both bare eye and camera caught nice visual effect.

and, sentimental one too.

according to the audio tour desc., it's one of few rare jade sculpture of buddha and that the period would be when buddha was in transition before enlightment when he was fasting a lot and thinking a lot subjecting his body to pain to understand deeper thoughts.
heh, if i subject myself to hunger, my hunger gets deeper and not my thoughts.

this is one of few photos i think i can stare at forever.

seeneng's photo of sun reflected on beach from his bakers beach visit also is like that. glazing sun on ocean at sun set.

the lighting on this buddha piece makes it like special affect in movie.

wonder what he was thinking, i mean meditating...


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