Sunday, August 27, 2006

ear ache

could be the stress, could be the frequent flights.

my ear, both of them, aches.

with frequent trips to mountains and some flights, that's more or less standard altitude ear aches.

very unpleasant, and worse if i don't sleep well for a few nights before.

with gums, some water, chewing stuffs, and lots of talking to people sitting next to me or looking out the destination outside the window, i do try to manage. sometimes pop a few pain killer as well.

what does bother me is this weird pinch on outter ear lobe on right ear that's been bothering me for like 3 days in row.

doctors usually examine ears and might send me to either internal medicine or skin doctor who'll just dismiss.

if i go to chinese herb medicine doctor, they might try to show how my ear lobe's nerve is linked to some organ in stomache area or respiration area to tell me i'm sick elsewhere. last time i got treated by one, i had bruised my left foot and the guy stuck needle on my right hand between fingers and some more needle in my neck.

it's not constant, but it hurts pretty bad like someone stuck needle or some thing got pinched/folded sharp.


not enough time to solicit docotrs.

sob, sob, sob...


At 8:24 PM, Blogger ザイツェヴ said...

Make sure it's not infected, or you may lose hearing completely. Everything else is not so important...

At 10:56 PM, Blogger speattle said...

it's not infection. i'm 98% sure.

for some reason i do get inflammation easily and was given anti-biotics now and then, for ear and for other areas.

but it's never been an infection.

it's more the nerve.

there are a few rather thin nerve that get processed from spine up to head, and some people are more vulnerable to eyes or to nose. i seem to be more vulnerable to ear on these nerve cells.

besides, i'm not anywhere nearly as talented as van gogh nor beethoven. so i doubt i'll have to worry about going deaf.

some times me not comprehending things said, or hearing someone making vocal sound without realizing it's addressed to me or what the context was is totally different matter. heh. ~~~


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