Thursday, March 09, 2006

adopting baby mac mini from china

far from holidays yet, and not quiet my birthday, I'm getting a gift! ^^

i remember at some time back in 90s i couldn't stop hear about adopting a chinese girl. that i've not heard in a while. but, i've been notified that mac mini duo w/ memory & harddisk upgrade is shipped from CN on fedex tracking.

wireless keyboard & mouse already arrived when i came home from work yesterday.

maybe i'll see my baby early next week?

its having new intel architecture, there certainly wasn't hardly any discount to take advantage of, and i'm warned of many application software to not work properly.
i see many articles about installing windows or linux or freebsd on mac mini, away from its tiger mac os.
haven't yet decided. most likely to replace my current desktop of debian, and possibly evolutionize into next step of fedora core 4 or ever so popular ubuntoo?
or just stick to good old mac as is. or be fancy and have dual boot?

anyways, i can't wait to see baby mac arriving on american soil, and come home to me~~


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