Friday, March 17, 2006

how to be good

happy st. patrick's day.
today there are quiet a lot of people acting real bizzare, maybe for st. patrick's day on friday.

first there was a guy in green suit w/ beer glass before noon, and then that weird couple in bus on the way to downtown. followed by that guy at borders who buys a magazine then tearing it at border's cafe and alerting the staff there.

the streets are full of drunk people, worse than normal friday afternoon. maybe it's clear sky after the long rain, or maybe it's friday, maybe ...

well, that's san francisco, i guess.

lately tho, i've been wondering.......
at virgin's, at border's, nick hornby's books, including "how to be good" stares at me.

because there's no pure evil and no pure saint, maybe. from a non-fiction i'm reading on catholic priests' scandal on child abuse, i've been outraged by some of complaints these priests and their protectors make: that the kids couldn't have suffered much and that prosecution they are facing for such a small deeds is too harsh. how conveniently self justifying.

when i was first introduced to nick hornby's literary works, at first through 'high fiedelity', then with 'about a boy', it was difficult pill to swallow. perhaps i didn't live long enough, perhaps i didn't understand the world as well. it was sort of confusing to read 'how to be good', with a wife with kids and successful career having an affair with someone she doesn't even love. hornby spends most of the book narrating transformation her and her husband go through, in much similar way i saw dawson's parents do in that tv series called "dawson's creek." perhaps grown-ups are as much confused and may be in need of guidance as much as teenagers. that in my immature mind, i didn't really understand. more conservative and narrow minded, hornby's narration at often times through out much of his published works seem mere excuse of what's lacking in one's character.

maybe so, or maybe not. his yet new book is published, thus bringing light to his older works, and i'm reminded of these three books.
my adequacy, my maturity in handling or perceiving things do make me wonder about what i thought obvious to be shakey.

am i like those sinners casting stones in a typical jesus' story?

i don't want to learn the lessons hard way. but, would i be one of the lucky ones? and, not having to face life challenges make me lucky? it's sorta confusing.

what is good? and how to be good?

oh well, maybe i'm drunk on st. patrick's day without drinking.

sorta sentimental lately, sentimental w/ chet baker's "funny valentine" ringing on back of my mind.


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