Saturday, July 23, 2005

80-degree hot, but pleaseant in Tahoe, CA

Got up, went to Ernie's Cafe for Waffle breakfast, headed out to Cason City, 30miles away, for Home Depot visit, and came back. It was some 90 degress in Carson City, and the Home Depot Cafe lady has listed over 102-degree written on her menu list. Very very hot, especially in that desert area. Coming over Nevada-side hill, and seeing lake from Summit Valley area made me really appreciate being in Tahoe instead. It's green, breezy and there are fairs everywhere and people everywhere. Have to put curtains, clean kitchen cabinets, kill weeds, but when it's hot outside like this, I don't really feel like cooking under blazing sun to fight the weeds. Some of'em are grown to my shoulder length, it's only been about a month since I've been here to clean up, so it's pretty amazing.

Most of the hotels/motels around borderline have 'no vacancy' sign. So far Tahoe's enjoying the good tourism.

Alpine cafe has decent coffee and has internet access. :) I'm sitting at Alpine cafe, sipping iced-coffee and watching some high schooler being tutored, and a guy sitting at the other computer terminal is drooling over new SJ hockey stadium website. I glanced over when he was shouting 'Wow' and it does look pretty awesome. They have panoramic view, and allow mouse-over on seating charts. This winter will be pretty fun, I guess. With SF Giants & Oakland As not doing so great this season, I'm looking forward to winter hockey season.

Some lady walked in and put her name on internet signup list. Better finish now. A reminder to myself to call SBC about internet at Tahoe home ASAP.


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