Sunday, July 24, 2005

do not make cops mad when violating carpool lane

Bay bridge project is making some progress, and fasttrek-lane is a success.
And, soon the bridge toll will go up to $4/car.

With its' heavy traffic, there are not much to look forward on the way home via I-80 toward San Francisco, passing Emeryville. One of few interesting things to watch include commuter lane violator(s) being pulled over by cops on right-most lane.

A few months ago, driving home from Tahoe on saturday evening, saw this cop pulling over 2 cars while issuing citation. That was something to watch. There was a car pulled over and a cop was issuing a ticket, and as another was coming down the diamond lane overpass the cop just used his right hand to tell the driver to pull over. And, another one got pulled over, forming a line of 3 cars. Well, this incident also indicates how long I was stuck there, for about 20minutes or more, which does justify these carpool lane violators' motivation. It took about 3 hours to get through sacramento and albany all the way to emeryville, then about an hour and half from there until crossing bay bridge. So it was pretty amusing to pass time while stuck at that traffic.

Assuming it was cops' routine to be there, I was on look out fo another circus. Cops and carpool lane violators didnt disappoint me. Actually today's show was much livelier. First there was a lady cop with 3 cars pulled over. Today's traffic was moving a lot faster, and I didn't realize much was happening when first car of the line started moving and the lady moved down to the second car, a golden sportscar with two seater (or so it looked). Then someone was saying a car passed past the cop's pull-over signal, and I looked out again. Two pulled-over cars were still standing and the cop hopped on to the police car and was dashing off with a siren. I was curious what would happen to those two cars waiting. Soon enough I saw the cars moving and then there came another police car with siren. So there were two police cars with siren on. The first car in waiting soon pulled over again, and waited quietly, and two police cars were in chase to the two cars, one that ignored the pull-over signal and the other that tried to get away with sneaking off. As the car neared toll gate I saw a car pulled over and two police cars behind it. And, the lady police officer was explaining the situation to her colleague, cheek all flushed in red.

I've heard there are websites where people post streets and highway locations where cops would hide-out waiting for traffic violators to catch. Perhaps this is yet another spot to watch out for, and wait in a long line rather than tryout seemingly empty diamond lane.


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