Wednesday, July 20, 2005

HP drops ax, Greenspan drops bomb, and we're back to regular warfield

Yesterday seem a big rally day for Wall Street and those with some interests in American economy. IBM says it's quarterly profits are good, Yahoo also reported a good earning, and news articles with a hint of booming economy here and there, w/ VC and lobbysts raising hefty sum of money.

Then, this morning came. HP's rumored layoff's official, and Greenspan announced interest rates should see steady climbing.

With oil prices, a hint of unsteady economy, most stocks shattered yesterday's big gain and plumbed even further.

That is a big 'ouch.'

And, this binge rollercoaster ride is a bit scary. Those who shelled out yesterday, which many seem to have done, was a smart choice, and those who held on to their precious stocks with a hope to see the continuation of stock climbing are punished for their greed.

The rollercoaster ride of stocks may continue today, and things may change within the same day as well.

Just reminds me of warfield, something of Civil War era, with heavy fog blinding soldiers until the enemy are within a feet apart.

It seems the image of Americans are engaging the war at ocean away, away from home turf, but when observing these stock markets the war doesn't seem far off.


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