Saturday, July 16, 2005

bonjour from montreal, quebec

a busy day.

Every part of the city I've explored today are in full festivities, so far. Latin quarter and Mont Royal area had all small shops opened under the blazing sun, and all the street performers are out.
Downtown shops on St. Catherine St. are open bright early and have setup special sale tables on street where police have blocked the traffics. By pier and old town area, as well as chinatown, there are people everywhere and everyone smiling, eating, drinking and shopping.

The city that never went sleep, still is full in swing in daylight, with music everywhere.

Took photos on my digital camera until battery was out. Saw puppet master, acrobatic students on street performance, drummers and comics everywhere.

Montreal's buzziness and 24hrs shops put San Francisco almost to shame.

Even with splitting headache from heat, I was out 10 hours straight since the morning and yet coming back to the hotel made me feel as if I'm missing out on things. The city is awesome!

I can't wait to come back and explore more of these unique districts of Montreal.


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