Saturday, April 14, 2007

this old house.... live!

i'm watching this old house, boston version of a house near the airport.

and, am hearing the footstep and motor sounds upstairs, of window installers who showed up 9:30am prompt.

within half an hour the bedroom windows are out, and the livingroom one's half way out. they brought their own ladder with platform to work on 2nd floor bedroom and livingroom. they got their wood cutting unit at the front porch, and the motor sound is sweet sound of getting argon gas for double-pane.

oh, boy! i got 'this old house' seattle version going on in my own house.

giggle* giggle*

i do try to stay out of their way, but also am sneaking around with my portable camera, dying with curiosity. let's see how the house is aired with new windows and sliding deck-door at the end of the day, as they promoised...


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