Monday, August 07, 2006

15min sightseeing of the city on monday morning

Most of us barely wakeup on monday morning, with sips of coffee, and cold stream of shower on head...

So I missed 7am bus, and was waiting for 8am bus on Van Ness and Grove, near city hall.

Barely awake I was, with this morning's Examiner in one hand, and shuffling small latte and bearclaws I bought on the other. The divider lane on Van Ness right in front of city hall seem a little overcrowded with officers, with a police car on each side parked in the middle of street with siren light flashing.
I was a little too sleepy to let it deter me away from my coffee and morning paper, but soon noticed fire truck, ambulance and more police on site. And, I could barely see someon laying on the ground, in between polices' leg.
Could some homeless person be knocked out on the street, while asking for money? Could this be an early morning hit&run?
It was a little too quiet for that sort of accident.

Then someone waiting for the bus as well started explaining to others waiting for the bus, who just came approaching the bus stop.

The guy came from city hall direction, toawrd the opera house, try to open the door to get in and failed, and went on to the middle of street and start banging his head, either on the cement street or on the metal rod that were put on the center divide.
The spectator also added that he presume the guy on the street must come from the courthouse, just a block away from city hall.

Who knows. That I'm sure was inconvenient of hundreds of morning commuter on monday morning, and since it only involved the guy laying on the street, that explains low key performance from cops watching him while ambulance arrives.
At 8am on monday morning, tho? That's a bit too much.
Wouldn't court house be barely opening?

I'm sure I'll see more about it on evening news, as no more than 30sec. flash.

As the bus I was in left the hectic site, and moved toward Market, I saw kissing of two gay guys parting at Van Ness Muni stop. Which isn't uncommon on San Francisco standard, but this and what saw earlier the day aren't so much a routine if I drove just half an hour outside the city.

To make the morning amusement heightened, there were more interesting scenes waiting for me as bus crossed Market and was near the Smart&Final store, right before the 101 entrance; a street person with his street cart and a skate board, and his dog dancing to his radio boom music while playing with meatless bone. The guy made a few attempt to pull the cart while holding the dog's leash and skate at the same time. It didn't seem such an easy task. The dog, when he was let go, would dance merrily, then pickup the bone and would be docile next to the homeless guy. Don't think he received much of training but the dog was well tamed and would sit or walk without much command, a small and cuite dog that seem well cleaned for a street dog, also not too fat nor too lean. They seem to be enjoying their early morning, when I saw anoterh street person stop the guy asking for some of his belonging, from the cart where the music box stood for a short a while.

Then the light changed, and bus moved on, to join the rest of traffic on 101 and thigns got just blend again.

8:05 am until 8:20am, that short 15min provided much to look at, much to ponder about. And, did I mention it's only monday morning on some uneventful August morning?

Maybe that's what the city living is. Eventful at every minutes and seconds, on any given day.


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