Tuesday, February 21, 2006

JDBC, jay-di-bi-di-bi-dib

In addition to "Autobiograph of Santa Claus", which wasn't exactly to my taste, I've been re-reading old books I had on Java & XP tools, such as Ant and JUnit.

Installing & running JDK on Debian still remains tricky, but why not...

So I've been babbling JDBC stuffs, syntax and drivers and things like thin client and thick client, ..., in addition to my other idiosyncratic pharase of 'my brain is suffering from buffer overflow' or 'lets buy a big apartment building and put each units in linked list for search, and pop/push stack.'
Maybe I've been obsessing with these technical jargons a bit above my 286-processor capacity? Maybe...

So Ant from Apache project seem to be 'make' in XML format. And, JUnit seem to be bunch of assert wrapper for unit testing. Tada!
Advantage? Disadvantage? well, i'm sure there are plenty of both. Heh...

As I feel more and more stupid, I was babbling this JDBC and loading the driver, and syntax for connecting, creating statement, and parsing resultset, ..., to Niagara-crazy DaveM, and he goes "What? jay-di-bi-di-bi-dib what?" and I had to tell him JDBC is like Java to Database driver, and that he should've heard of ODBC the generic database driver for Oracle, ...
He still says "jay-di-bi-di-bi-dibb what?"

Hmm.... maybe I'm not so dumb as I had worried. If kernel hacker with a pride will have to learn JDBC from me, maybe I'm whole lotta smarter. Heh...

Disk space in my head definitely is running out, to push any more of jargons in my head. Better switch back to the comic strips.

I wonder if I'll get to use these Ant and JUnit and JDBC syntax I've been reading up any time soon. Or will soon forget like my Japanese or Chinese vocabularies.


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