Sunday, January 29, 2006

even heavy bbq meal can't kill enthusiasm for best of the talk repeat sessions

so I spent the whole week trying to minimize the expense. with the penguin dinner free, at least in monetary sense, and having woken up a tid bit too late to go out for breakfast and still make it to Mark Shuttleworth's Keynote, which forced me to settle with continental breakfast offered at lodging, all of sudden I'm no longer scrooging away for every penny and dime. and, there goes announcement for free bbq along with 'shaving execution session' by link's lawn after Mark's session.

It's my first time down on the other side equator, but I'm pretty impressed with speaker choices the conference enjoys. Mark's well known for a few things in this community, for having been a civilian astronaut funding his way to orbital expedition including the training, and for sponsoring/leading ubuntoo project.

The shaving of 4 speakers's facial hair, and Jeff's balding session took much attention away from the full bbq event; made bbq look more like eating part of this shaving event when in reality it was the other way around. The rush of picking up plateful of bbq, breads, and veggies and gulp down before 4 'best of' talks repeat followed by lightening talk and panel followed.

it wasn't 'til at reprack talk at burns hall that I realized how full i was with bbq.

and also how good it was.

Conrad recommanded to go see RepRack talk. Van's talk on linux network improvement also made it to 'best of', as well as Andy's open source graphics talk. too many choices, and stomache busy digesting a heavy meal, i don't know to laugh or cry.


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