Friday, January 27, 2006

penguin dinner event -- price of facial hair

nope, not talking about shaving penguin of their hair.
it'd be illegal and cruel.
friday's evening event is 'penguin dinner' held at dunedin town hall in octagon.
the dinner began with lots of tables setup in town hall, with a bit of liquor here and there and bread piece and salmon dish i mistook for main meal, but ended up being an appetizer of full five course meal.
saw some speeches, saw rusty's wrench award being handed, then Maddog start giving a speech about John Lions, a professor at Australia's University of New South Wales.
It seems there's some fund raising event planned to raise a way to fund a chair in his name at the university at the event. There were Lion's book and a T-shirt signed at speaker's dinner, which in addition had other major Unix/C/BSD folks also signed. Maddog was rather unsuccessfully leading the fund raise when Rusty all of sudden jumped up to the podium and announced the auction will resume later that everyone should be encouraged to drink more.


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